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Ivory Talons

In the distant past, the original Ivory Talons was a team of heroes that helped protect Thanagar from criminals to troublesome agents of the Kryptonian Union. For the Thangarian people, the Ivory Talons were there "SAFEGUARD". However, when Thanagar fell to the Kryptonians, the exploits of the legendary organization faded into history.

Or so it had seemed.


Today, Thanagarians chafe under the generations-old laws and restrictions forbidding Thanagarians from mingling with humans. In some places, such as Vibora Bay, Thanagarians have openly ignored the laws and learned to co-exist with humans under the guise of a "human avian mutant" when the truth is far different.

But there are those Thanagarians that wish to take it a step farther. Such as the Ivory Talons.


The current Ivory Talons use the name out of respect for the original organization. However, these Ivory Talons seek to carve out a portion of Earth for Thanagarian use. Even if that means humans must be swept aside to accomplish that goal.




The current Ivory Talons use a 'cell' structure, with each cell reporting to a regional operations lead. There are few cells to the organization so they tend to move between the major metropolitan areas as needed.


Each cell has a membership of four to eight Talon Troopers. All are highly trained and all are Thanagarian.


Motivations and Goals


The Ivory Talons split their focus between two different pursuits. First is the gathering of technology and information they could use to destabilize a government or area, which would prime it to fall under their influence. The second pursuit is simply the acquisition of money and assets for the group.


They prefer working contracts for technological criminals, as this gives them access to research the Talons can use for themselves. However, this puts them in direct competition with the Hammer Empire and Infinity Inc. The atmosphere between the three organizations is stiff if not borderline hostile. It isn't unheard of for one organization to take steps to derail the activity of the other.




The Talons are a dangerous unit due to their training and fanaticism. However, they specialize in surveillance, corporate espionage, and guerrilla warfare. They are at their best when they can attack from ambush, utilizing hit and run tactics that balance a team's ability to strike from the air and the ground.

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