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Laboratory of the Ivory Talons


Greetings True Believers!

  From a gang war in Central Park, to the docks of Brooklyn and beyond. A conflict between the Hammer Empire and the Golden Lotus thrusts the Knights Vigilant against one of their more dangerous - and precise - foes ... THE CLOCK KING!  



The Knights Vigilant!

  • Sahara
  • Taki
  • "Statesman" ( secretly also known as Trickshot )

  • Articles under Laboratory of the Ivory Talons

    Ivory Talons, Chapter 1: Tick Tock Take?
    Plot | Oct 6, 2020

    On the heels of cleaning up a gang war, the Knights Vigilant are thrust into a conflict in Chinatown that will lead to the strangest team up yet!

    Ivory Talons, Chapter 2: Slippery as Ice!
    Plot | Oct 6, 2020

    The Knights Vigilant team up with Mr Freeze to track down the Clock King, but is time already running out?

    Ivory Talons, Chapter 3: Racing the Clock King
    Plot | Aug 1, 2020

    In the aftermath of the factory fight, the Knights Vigilant have the clues to track down the Clock King, but are they about to be confronted by the Hammer Empire?

    Ivory Talons, Chapter 4: Finding Mr Freeze
    Plot | May 17, 2020

    After a rough fight and near defeat, the team regroups at Apothecary Fu's shop to discuss plans about the Clock King and how to find Mr. Freeze!

    Ivory Talons, Chapter 5: Deadly Dancing in the Dark
    Plot | Jun 17, 2020

    The Knights Vigilant have rescued Mr. Freeze but find themselves caught between cryptic carnival criminals and a Clock King that block their escape!

    Ivory Talons, Chapter 6: Secret of Dr. Killian
    Plot | Aug 1, 2020

    With the battle atop the Oscorp construction site over, the Knights Vigilant now regroup to examine evidence and the possible threat of the Clock King's mysterious benefactor

    Ivory Talons, Chapter 7: Perfect Timing
    Plot | Aug 5, 2020

    After the battle in Central Park, the Knights Vigilant regroup at a botanical garden research greenhouse under the watchful, and suspicious, eye of the nefarious Poison Ivy!


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