Grip of the Mind Thieves, Chapter 2: Sleuth and Rescue




Welcome back! Glad you made it!


In one afternoon, our heroes went from no clues to almost too many! Only some of those came with bruises!


While out searching for clues as to the whereabouts of the mysterious fluid used on Mouse Force, our heroes hear shrill cries for help! Racing toward the sound, they find a group of city utility workers in a brawl with the Disco Boys... but it was the Disco Boys calling for help!


It didn't take long to determine why.


The utility workers were hefting boulders, generating plasma blasts, or other manner of meta-powers. All of them look to have been doused with the same glowing orange chemical the Knights Vigilant had become all too familiar with. The Disco Boys were outmatched and outgunned. But at that moment, they weren't without help. Telling the Disco Boys to run, our heroes covered the gang's retreat!


The fight lasted minutes but felt like hours! At the end, Taki used the sprinkler system to wash the ooze from all but one of the city workers. But! Before the dust could settle, a new mob stampeded through! More Disco Boys! Only these had been mutated! Not only that, one carried a glowing canister of what might be the cause!


Right on the Dicso Boys’ heels came a newcomer. Not one of the gang, but someone trying to stop the mutated maulers. Once she landed in their midst, Bronze Tempest pitched in to help the Knights Vigilant, lending a hand… or in fact a solid right hook.


The fight wasn't easy, but between Bronze Tempest and the Knights Vigilant, the mutated Disco Boys were subdued. The canister? A quick grab by Sahara liberated it and put it into Bronze Tempest's hands, where she promptly found a riddle written on the outside!


Once the authorities were notified the group split up. Bronze Tempest leaped away with the canister, suggesting she had resources that might analyze the orange liquid. Meanwhile, a precognition from the Knights Vigilant's teammate, Kara, sent the team to collect the one city worker who kept his newfound powers and take the man to Apothecary Fu for help! Perhaps he could even shed some light on a strange metal disk of electronics found on the city worker's neck!


Yet! Questions linger like the gas from Moon Knight's fog scarabs...


Just what is that chemical? Is it the same formula created by Dr. Killian?


If Dr. Overmind is involved, how did he perform the mind control this time?


And what is that strange riddle Bronze Tempest found? How is it connected?


This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




The members of Mouse Force were mutated by a strange orange ooze. This is the same formula invented by Dr. Killian and almost used by the Clock King to contaminate the local water supply. Orange ooze known to the team to be made from the ultra rare and mysterious Crystal Jade Vine plant.


However, formula made from the orange blossoms of the vine are known to be unstable. Meta powers they grant are often temporary and harmful! Therefore, the Knights Vigilant have to...


... find where the remainder of Dr. Killian's nefarious formula wound up? Is it in the hands of Dr. Overmind? Or someone of an equal amoral and criminal mind?

... deduce the secret of the ooze, or at least a cure, for their old friends, Mouse Force. Time may be running out for them! Will our heroes, the Knights Vigilant, find a way to help them?

... last, if the technological hand of Dr. Overmind is behind this, our heroes have to deduce his nefarious scheme and put a stop to it, before innocents are hurt!




What is the mysterious orange ooze that seems to be at the source of these troubles?

What of the mysterious riddle ... "In ancient times, Pliny the Elder considered this to cover anything around him, including living things." ... how does that connect to anything?

The NYC utility worker said he had been dosed on the Central Park's West side. Yet, there's been no news coverage? Odd...



The Knights Vigilant!
  • Sahara
  • Moon Knight
  • Taki
  • "Statesman" ( secretly also known as Trickshot )
  • Bronze Tempest

  • Adversaries

    Again a mysterious adversary is behind this. Spreading this orange glowing chemical agent of mind controlling properties, this could be one of the team's old opponents, Dr. Overmind!

    2nd Assistant Editor's Note:

    See? Isn't that better?

    Assistant Editor's Note:

    ... fine. Ok. Yes. I'll admit it's a way to do this. But really, the people out there want FACTS!

    2nd Assistant Editor's Note:

    ... I told them hiring a reporter from the Dawn Sun Register was a bad idea...

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