Grip of the Mind Thieves, Chapter 1: Mental Muscle!




It's been almost two weeks since our heroes, the Knights Vigilant, stopped the plans by three different criminals to try and mutate the environment in and around Central Park through the water supply. It was at that time they learned their allies, Mouse Force, had been mutated by an orange ooze that was all too similar to the mysterious mutagen made by the scientist, Dr. Killian of the Ivory Talons!


Since then, in between their usual lives, our heroes have been beating the bushes for any clue as to the whereabouts of the orange ooze and who has it. Mouse Force believes it was Dr. Overmind! But, the team hasn't found a clue pointing to the nefarious doctor!


However! Crime has been busy! Muggings and vandalism has been on the rise in Central Park. Yet, it hasn't been the usual culprits, such as the Disco Boys or the Bishie Boys ...


... it's been members of the New York City parks and recreation employees? Who don't remember doing anything of the kind?


This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




The members of Mouse Force were mutated by a strange orange ooze. This is the same formula invented by Dr. Killian and almost used by the Clock King to contaminate the local water supply. Orange ooze known to the team to be made from the ultra rare and mysterious Crystal Jade Vine plant.


However, formula made from the orange blossoms of the vine are known to be unstable. Meta powers they grant are often temporary and harmful! Therefore, the Knights Vigilant have to...


... find where the remainder of Dr. Killian's nefarious formula wound up? Is it in the hands of Dr. Overmind? Or someone of an equal amoral and criminal mind?

... deduce the secret of the ooze, or at least a cure, for their old friends, Mouse Force. Time may be running out for them! Will our heroes, the Knights Vigilant, find a way to help them?

... last, if the technological hand of Dr. Overmind is behind this, our heroes have to deduce his nefarious scheme and put a stop to it, before innocents are hurt!


But first!


What, or who, is behind the NYC grounds crew muggings?

Assistant Editor's Note:

Because of course...

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HEY! You can't just say stuff like that out loud! That's a spoiler!

Assistant Editor's Note:

Oh, fine. All right. This better?

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Why, it could very well be the criminal master of mind control and robotics, DR. OVERMIND ... and his new partner, the nefarious SILK SPHINX!
2nd Assistant Editor's Note:

Ok, yes. Much. Jeez. I just can't even with you some days...



The Knights Vigilant!
  • Sahara
  • Moon Knight
  • Taki
  • "Statesman" ( secretly also known as Trickshot )
  • Bronze Tempest

  • Allies


    The City of New York's Park and Recreation crew?!?

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