Grip of the Mind Thieves, Chapter 3: Mental Mayhem




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Looks like the plot thickens!


To make headway, our heroes chose to divide and conquer. Bronze Tempest used her contacts to research the strange ooze to see what it was made of. Meanwhile, she mulled over the invitation to join the Knights Vigilant.


On the other side of Central Park at Manhattan's Pier 1, the Knights Vigilant donned disguises and slipped into the mob of tourists for some sleuthing. This was where the city employee had been doused with a mutagenic chemical. Surely there was a clue left behind. Something that would point to Overmind or his goal.


But things didn't go according to plan...


Seven security guards from Ironclad Securities dove out the windows of Cygnus Medical Center behind Bronze Tempest! One had the canister of ooze! Another a laptop with the research notes! A third had Tempest's close friend, Kim Parsons! Not far behind them was Dr. Pamela Isley trying to stop them! Bronze Tempest wasted no time. First one mutated guard, then the other went down under a flurry of blows. Kim Parsons was rescued, and the ooze handed over to Dr. Isley for further study.


On the other side of Central Park, things were no less exciting!


While mingling with the tourists, the Knights Vigilant were caught by surprise when yet another group of mutated city employees raced into the area. Grabbing all too conveniently placed t-shirt cannons, they launched a series of canisters over the crowd. Canisters that looked all too similar to the one Bronze Tempest had! Our heroes wasted no time to run in and subdue the meta powered attackers and grab the canisters before they could open and hurt anyone. Toward the end of the fight, Bronze Tempest arrived to lend a hand as well!


But as the dust settled, our heroes discovered the entire attack at the pier was a distraction by Dr. Overmind! The canisters were fake and contained only orange confetti. On the outside was the odd question, "How to best move the king when in danger or just for defense?"


Yet another riddle! However, as our heroes discovered the next day, meta-inflicted vandals had struck at the American Museum of Natural History at the same time as the battle at the pier. Coincidence? I think not, True Believers, and I suspect our heroes don't think it is, either.


It's possible the vandals were from Overmind. But what's his game? And why the riddles? Yet another distraction?


And most important, True Believers, will our heroes uncover where Dr. Overmind will strike next?


This is Not Stan Lee saying...




The members of Mouse Force were mutated by a strange orange ooze. This is the same formula invented by Dr. Killian and almost used by the Clock King to contaminate the local water supply. Orange ooze known to the team to be made from the ultra rare and mysterious Crystal Jade Vine plant.


However, formula made from the orange blossoms of the vine are known to be unstable. Meta powers they grant are often temporary and harmful! Therefore, the Knights Vigilant have to...


... find where the remainder of Dr. Killian's nefarious formula wound up? Is it in the hands of Dr. Overmind? Or someone of an equal amoral and criminal mind?

... deduce the secret of the ooze, or at least a cure, for their old friends, Mouse Force. Time may be running out for them! Will our heroes, the Knights Vigilant, find a way to help them?

... last, if the technological hand of Dr. Overmind is behind this, our heroes have to deduce his nefarious scheme and put a stop to it, before innocents are hurt!




What is the mysterious orange ooze that seems to be at the source of these troubles? Will Dr. Isley discover something no one else has?

The investigation at Pier I turned up a discovery that someone had been lying in wait in a closed down news stand. But who? Were they caught on camera? And how were the other people hit that ambushed our heroes?


Then last ...


How do the riddles connect to this? Are they Overmind gloating? Bragging? Or is it a hint toward future crimes?

And! Who is that woman heard in the background when Overmind hacked into the team's communication system? Is she Overmind's partner? Or someone controlling Overmind?



The Knights Vigilant!
  • Sahara
  • Moon Knight
  • Taki
  • "Statesman" ( secretly also known as Trickshot )
  • Bronze Tempest

  • Allies

    Dr. Pamela Isley, "Poison Ivy" Infamous eco-terrorist and expert on botany and botanical science. Working to analyze the mysterious fluid ... will she find something for the team that can help them?


    Detective Kato MacHale Seasoned police detective working at the Central Park NYPD precinct. He helped the heroes during the fight at Manhattan's Pier I. Is he a friend? or Foe? What is his connection to Taki?


    Dr. Overmind! Brilliant inventor and mastermind. Expert at cybernetics and mental interface technology.


    The Figure with the Black Scarabs He interfered with Moon Knight during the fight at Pier I. But, why?


    Unknown woman perhaps working with Dr. Overmind? Who is she? Does she hold Overmind in her sway? Or are they partners?

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