Tales of justice Night of the Living Finesse

Night of the Living Finesse

Artistic creation


Instead of regular zombies, New York City gets badly-declaiming-historic-poetry zombies. Special guest star: Sahara

Following up on prior teamwork, Wyldfire members and Sahara meet undercover at New York City sandwich chain 'Wichcraft, taking some time to get better acquainted, when a nearby teenager's laptop starts blaring a live sound feed:

{female voice, college age}: OhmyGAWD! It's got Doctor Charlestin!
{incomprehensible jumble of several voices at once}
{male voice, elderly}: Is that a ... zombie?! Get back here, get behind the {incomprehensible}
CRASHING NOISES, SOUNDS OF GLASS SHATTERING AND ROCKS FALLING {distant voice, possibly amplified by radio or loudspeaker}: The time's neither wrong nor right; I have been acquainted with the night!
{another possibly-amplified, similar voice}: What happens to a dream deferred? Does it stink like rotten meat?
{almost simultaneously, perhaps the first amplified voice}: I'm a poor underdog, but tonight I will bark! With the great Overdog that romps through the dark!
{voices fade into the background, as if microphone is moving away from sound sources}

The teenage kid looks up toward the tables seated by the window. "This is supposed to be just a couple blocks away, can you see anything?"

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