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The original Firestar is owned by Marvel Comics ( and the Walt Disney Corporation ) and was created by Dennis Marks, Dan Spiegle, Christy Marx, John Romita Sr., and Rick Hoberg for "Spider Man and His Amazing Friends" and the "New Warriors". This version is very much an adaptation of the original character and not the original character owned by Marvel Comics.

Maria Angelica Jones

Physical Description

Special abilities

Firestar is a natural pyrokinetic. The root of her powers is that she can manipulate molecular bonds, agitating them to generate heat. This allows her to create a protective fire aura around herself, or hurl plasma-based fire blasts at an opponent. As a curious side effect of her power, she was able to match the frequency of her own neurological patterns to temporarily match another person's mind, thereby allowing her to be able to read surface thoughts. Again, she could do this latter only for limited amounts of time before it became too tiring.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Firestar, or Maria Angelica Jones, was one of Dr. Gironde's students in the mid-nineties, and the reason his hair is still very short today. After the first time a loss of patience on her part led to a singed scalp on his part, he shaved every hair on his head off. She called her teacher "Jay Cee" and kept bringing other mutants and mutates home. She meant well -- usually, the people she brought back needed some sort of treatment or sanctuary for a time.   Eventually, she graduated academically and in the power-control sense. On leaving the Institute, she semi-retired from the vigilante community. Maria got a job as a Park Ranger in the Sonoma Desert and acts as a liaison with a group of heroes local to Arizona and California.
Hazel-green eyes
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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