Tales of justice Gorilla Grodd attacks Seattle

Gorilla Grodd attacks Seattle



The local association of heroes separately encounter and befriend Feral, then SAFEGUARD Agent Oliver Zanders. They work together to defeat a ridiculously strong, telepathic villain who looks like (and claims to be) an oversized gorilla.

The leopard woman, who barely remembers her name, has an easier time befriending Knight Thrasher because he is patient and persistent and not inclined to sudden sharp movements. She is living in an abandoned apartment building, with no idea how she got there. She knows something is hunting her and that it has to do with a terrifying lemniscate symbol. She knows she can never go "home", not that she is willing to say where "home" is. There's a bright silver blur with red highlights that occasionally races by, leaving notes in her hand or on her door.

Ollie Zanders sometimes transforms into a demonic-looking figure at least twice his normal size, complete with bat-like wings and long horns. He describes himself (in either shape) as a government agent here to liase with the local masks. He has the ability to induce heart-stopping terror in an area of effect.

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