Tales of justice Disbandment of the Seattle Heroes

Disbandment of the Seattle Heroes



In the aftermath of the Red Skull Incident, most of the Seattle heroes decide it is time to leave the city.

  • Dark Angel completely vanished. His monitoring system was shut down, and other signs suggested his disappearance might have been a very awkward retirement (possibly for medical reasons). No signs of foul play could be found.

  • Catman and Nightblade stayed in Seattle.

  • Firestar returns to Metropolis, Pennsylvania to resume therapy and complete her college degree.

  • Knight Thrasher shook hands with everyone, said only he was going to work for his cousin at her startup company. Jennifer Rollinson put him to work in New York City.

  • Feral, suicidally depressed and hiding it, having recently "met" Silverwing who argued in favor of trying again, spent two and a half weeks randomly walking and hopping trains. She arrived in an uninhabited valley in the Catskill Mts. west of NYC, decides to settle for a while. Silverwing appears three days later, arranges some belongings of his own, behaves as though this were planned all along. Lives part-time with Jarissa in cave, part-time somewhere else. Occasionally brings a newspaper with him, or tells Jarissa what's going on in the world outside the valley.

  • SAFEGUARD Agent Oliver Zanders gets reassigned to Anchorage, Alaska, but with a six month temporary duty at Headquarters so that he can update some records and teach a few seminars.

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