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This ingenious vehicle, or 'hover bike', is both a land and air vehicle. However, its ability to hover in place and fly at high speeds with its hover-mode, gives it more reason to be considered an air vehicle.
The nanobike is billed by the ever experimenting Advanced Idea Mechanics, or "A.I.M", criminal organization as an environmentally friendly, yet efficient mode of travel. Despite this encouraging sales' pitch, AIM reserves the use of the vehicle for its Cyber-Commando Corps or very select customers.
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... not to mention the few heroes that have 'commandeered' one, a time or two...
When in use, the obsidian black vehicle is trimmed in a bright yellow-gold racing stripe along both the body and tires. The light trails out three feet behind the vehicle in a thin, yellow-gold holographic 'wall'. The yellow-gold can be changed to other colors, however AIM prefers the yellow tint, since that shade of yellow is their brand.

More Than Meets the Eye!

Speed on both the ground and in the air is not vehicle's only attraction! In fact, it's the ability to store the it almost anywhere and at almost any time. In fact, when 'stowed', the nanobike will fit easily in the average backpack!
The secret behind this is that the nanobike is a "Mangentic Hard Light Construct". This effect, taken from a little-known research study into photophoresis as it pertains to materials more solid than aerosols. Through this, AIM developed a set of programmable nanobots that fashion a magnetic lattice forms the body and shape of the vehicle.
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Ah, don't the let the marketing fool you, True Believers!

While it's very true, that AIM crafted the design and programmed the nanobots to shape this technological marvel, they certainly didn't invent the concept. This technology was stolen from one survivor of Project: Chrysalis after their habitat on Eureka Island was attacked!

'Nuff Said!
Transformation takes only six seconds. After that, the collective ‘hive' of nanobots also provides propulsion through an ionic-repulsor system. The 'key' to the entire system is the control baton which the pilot also uses to steer the vehicle.
When the vehicle is 'stowed', the nanobots 'derez' the structure, then retreat into the control baton to recharge. A control baton holds enough charge to allow a nanobike to be deployed and used multiple times within a 48-hour period. After that, the baton must be recharged, which takes four hours.

Game Mechanics

Body: 5, R# 2

  • Running: 9
  • Gravity Decrease: 8
  • Shrinking: 10
  • Flight: 3
  • Power Bonus and Limitations
  • Gravity Decrease represents a magnetic control effect around the vehicle. This allows the bike to perform a 90 degree turn at 200 mph with no injury to pilot or passenger.
  • When deactivated, Shrinking represents the nanobike 'derezzing' back into nanobots that then return to the control baton storage unit for recharge.
  • No secret here. The main inspiration to this device is naturally Disney's Tron but also a healthy dose of both the Transformers (in all its incarnations) and the comic book series, Micronauts from IDW publishing and owned by Hasbro.

    Owning Organization
    Related Professions
    Not for sale (to the general public at least...)
    Often only operated by AIM Cyber-Commandos
    7.5 foot wheelbase (2.3 m)
    21 inches (.5 m) from "ground" to seat
    480 lbs (213 kg) when deployed in 'vehicle-mode'
    Complement / Crew
    1 pilot
    Cargo & Passenger Capacity
    1 passenger


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