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The titles of any Transcorp employee sounds like it came from a random job title generator:  
  • Forward Ideation Director
  • Relational Integration Engineer
  • Lead Paradigm Architect
  • Executive Assistant to the Dynamic Interactions Administrator
  • Senior Regional Web Development Strategist
  • Customer Operations Facilitator
  • Who owns this business?
      In 2009, Transcorp shares are listed on the Swiss Exchange and on Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão but not Euronext or any other stock exchange of the known world.  

    This should not be possible.

    Who are the senior decision-makers for this company?
      While this information has been properly filed in compliance with all local, national, and international laws and customs, the records of specific individuals contain errors. They point to misspellings of names, with translation errors in regard to titles or residential addresses.   One wild theory is that the listed persons do exist in those places, with those names ... but not in this dimension of reality.

    Public Agenda

    Transcorp is in the business of being a front company, a shell, a layer of plausible disconnect between any business entities who should never, on any form of record, be known to have directly interacted in any way.   They are not a bank or a lending institution. Their own records -- and independent audits, even aggressively hostile ones -- show that Transcorp barely owns enough in liquid assets to pay its bills each quarter. Sometimes it qualifies for a tax refund.   They are not legal representation of any sort. They do have a few regional law firms on retainer near any given physical location where Transcorp operates. They charge a modest one-time fee to arrange a meeting between a legal firm and a short-term business client, but they make no representation as to the quality or suitability of the legal services to be arranged.   They are a service industry. What service do they provide? "Facilitation".   Their employees are all salaried, with basic health benefits as part of the compensation package, but Transcorp fosters a bland corporate culture that does not reward ambition or innovation. No employee receives a commission or a revenue-based annual bonus.

    Transitory Connectability

    Out of Character note:
    We absolutely under no circumstances mean the real-world company named "Transcorp", more formally known as "Transnational Corporation of Nigeria". They did not exist when we started this campaign. We wish them well.
    No, we borrowed liberally from Marvel Comics and the original Shadowrun sourcebooks published by FASA back in the 1990s.
    In our campaign, Transcorp is a shell-company-for-hire: they help business entities hide the legal trail of assets. They might unknowingly work for LexCorp or Ares Macrotech or Von Doom Industries. Of course, they also might unknowingly work for Batman. They don't WANT to know who they are really working for, they just want to take advantage of reporting loopholes and tax evasion systems, and get paid.
    Hence their greatest true nemesis is SAFEGUARD!

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