Tales of justice Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising

Life, Crime


Deathstroke and some soldiers from the Midnight Syndicate fight it out in the middle of the Gadsden Consumerplex, the biggest shopping mall of Metropolis, all over custody of an autistic little boy.

Jarissa Paxton and Jerry Clasby of the Gironde School are out shopping when they see Deathstroke apparently aiming a gun at a four-year-old boy named Johnny Webber. Actually, Deathstroke is protecting the kid; it's the Midnight Syndicate that are after him. They kidnapped him when he was 2 and did some experiments to see if autism is a precursor to psionic talent; now they want to do a checkup. Deathstroke was offended. He is being paid $20 and homecooked meals by the Webber parents to protect their boy until the Midnight Syndicate's experiment expires.

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