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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Be sure where the attack will land

by Feral

AIMing to Misbehave: Chapter 7

| Jan 3, 2023

Caught in an AIM trap, Wyldfire and Hammer Empire have to find a way free. Their only hope may lie with the cunning plans of their teammate, Amythyst!


November 10


about 5:30 pm

Pain, I can handle.

Either it will end, in which case I can recuperate; or it will put me down, in which case I stop having to make choices.

I like having allies nearby that I can trust to help me get through this.

I want to be very certain that my next several attacks will land where I want them to land. I don't want to hit a teammate by mistaken perception.

This is the hard part for me.

I can try to check kinesthetics? Which will probably be off-kilter because they, too, are in pain just now.

It is easier to determine that Amythyst's voice sounds farther than two pounces away. Dr. A is in motion, trotting across uneven pavement. Medkit is quiet and still in a space with some cover. I can see Samaritan, close enough to smell his shampoo.

By elimination, the two moving bodies outside the east wall of this truck are not my people. They might be Warwolves. But I think they are AIM, whether they are people or Eochai-whatsits.

And I can slice my way through a standard panel truck wall in seconds.


There's a mouse here.

She is from New York.

She's bigger than me.

In order to not be rude to her, I think I will be cranky at one of the Warwolf panthers.


Note to myself for later this week:

Lex Luthor needs to be dead.

First I need to convince my better angel to agree with me.

Luthor is following in Red Diamond's model. He is going to cost me my family again.

He cannot do that if he is a corpse.


Once upon a time, Hogan Grimm tried to date Dr. Isley, and now he wants to win her back, and we're going to have to set him on fire.

She tells us that Grimm changed Pamela Isley into Poison Ivy.


Interim report to the dead drop server:

Have combined efforts with HE commando squad of WWs. Also 2 independent contractors from NYC. Pls check oldest grandson for medical disturbance.

Preparing to transport approx 200 yards away to likely target workshop, with deviation to dept store for equipment. See blue doc files for recommended safety supplies if we must be retrieved.


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