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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are not fired after all.

by Feral


October 20


early afternoon

somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean
near the coastline for the state of New Jersey

As we take to the air, leaving Atlantic City behind, I brace for the usual five minutes of disrupted equilibrium. This is a pressurized container, so the air cues do not match what information my whiskers and tail give to the vibrations of momentum that I feel through the pads on my paws.

All VTOL are like this.

I don't get nauseous, not usually. I simply feel ... let's call it "flustered bordering on cranky" ... until I adjust.

Nobody in their right minds would suggest that I try piloting one of these things. I don't have the visual acuity for it, for one thing.

I usually use the cover of detaching, adjusting, then reseating my comms earpiece to ward off immediate interactions for those few minutes. But, hey, if people are going to insist on plying me with Performance Requirements before we're fully level and at steady speed, they might win a metaphorical ear-shredding. Educational; yet, survivable.

From my update to our Boss, I have good news and I have the kind of news that we normally get.

The good news is that we are not fired!

The typical news is that I got some notes on our progress thus far. Chief among them and with the deadline of half an hour from now he wants to read our findings ... Dr. A, that mansplainer gave enough reason for the Boss to infer that this guy knew who you are. Did you know him? What his name is and maybe even what his freaking deal is?

Feral interrupts herself to address the SAFEGUARD Agent.
I was also advised to pass on to you that someone needs to make sure the arrested deck agents do not have a fragment of even the abstract or a partial name on the digital record for the blueprint that they tried to steal. I don't need to report that, I just need to advise you so.

And that fulfills one of three old debts I owe to an alleycat from a lifetime ago.

Our briefing is via hologram, because Captain America is physically somewhere else. He is the head of the SAFEGUARD group trying to manage the whole Oscorp Nonsense Issue.

The next location is going to be an "upcycled" oil rig off in international waters.

And what I really hate is that the Right Plan -- the one I immediately propose -- is to have the men disguise themselves as shipwreck survivors. They can "get rescued" by Oscorp between sundown and full dark. Meanwhile Dr. A and I wear SCUBA gear and infiltrate on the side opposite the boat dock, underneath the helipad, but not until full dark.


I hate this plan.

I can't yell at anyone about it. Because it's my plan.

And it's the right plan.


But I still hate it.



October 20



I am on an overpopulated oil rig. At night. Standard ocean-windy. Dark. Cold. Late October, I'm lucky it's not icy. I'm sodden wet and I don't have sufficient scouting intel and Captain America is relying on us.


Statistically speaking, not everyone on this thing will be Definitely Evil.

People are people.

The place is wave-powered. So, no locking off their power.

Agent El got tapped into a satellite dish on the north side. He can't eavesdrop on Oscorp but he can piggyback an encrypted signal for us.

Should we find the rest of our team before we get deep into trouble?

I suppose so.


We've crossed paths with Amythyst, so we had a good chance to compare notes and get him a commset. He'll distribute to MedKit and Dr. B.

Dr. A wants to go break some stuff.

Feral's to-do list:

1) DO NOT touch, breathe, be touched by, or experience the ooze.

2) DO NOT create evidence of Wyldfire.

3) Deduce the source of Oscorp’s sudden supply of ultra-high tech devices and meta-powered security.

4) Find out who is the ultimate financier of Project Protector.

5) Find evidence -- ideally not circumstantial, but direct evidence -- as to who transported the missing ooze patients. Ideally, without leaving proof that we acquired said evidence or even saw it.

6) Save the missing victims. (Success on 2 out of 3!)

7) Save the Brother

8) and find out wtf AIM in all this

9) Check another time on the identity of the "ultimate customer/financier", because there might be more than 1.

and bonus 10) keep the Doctors mostly physically intact

I feel like "the Kryptonian Connection" is going to be numbers 3, maybe 4, and likely 9

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