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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Front Battles

by Feral

Specter, Chapter 11: Fate of Justice!

| Apr 28, 2022

With the Society of Rao on the ropes but Oscorp going strong with AIM returning for a round 2, can our heroes rescue the kidnap victims and stop Oscorp and AIM's goals before it's too late?


October 20


got to be around 10:30 pm EDT, right?

I suspect that a teammate is going to find proof as to how it's only 8 or so at night. It feels later!

This battle is getting messy. We and Agent El from SAFEGUARD count as a front, but it seems we are fighting everybody. I feel like some simplication would be the best thing right now.



Second Front: This "Dr. Baptiste" guy is an omnimorph and a telepath

When you are faced with an untrusted telepath, you treat their proximity some of the way you treat persistent intrusive thoughts that are trying to become obsessive. You think to yourself "stop!", you deliberately swap your thought process to a visualization that includes multiple sensory inputs. Specifically with a telepath who doesn't have a track record of meticulous respect for privacy, it also helps if you can jump thought formats or thought tracks several times in rapid succession, or swap to exclusively nonverbal thinking.

Can't choose to not think about pink elephants -- can't choose to not think about any secret we know -- but we can certainly start thinking intensively about burritos. The way they smell, the texture sequence of biting into one, the way a burrito is not "a less corny enchilada" but a completely different thing.

Have you ever had cajun burritos? Creole seasoning, a little brown sugar, spicy brown mustard, three different peppers from the spice cabinet. Salsa and a seven-year reserve sharp cheddar.

Meanwhile, Dr. Baptiste agrees that he has been manufacturing slaves. He admits to being an omnimorph. He does not admit to knowing that he is a telepath.

He thinks he is worth rescuing.

I sent him to find "the man in the purple crystal armor" and do whatever he says, as a path to leaving here with the capacity to make choices for himself.



Third Front: Advanced Idea Mechanics

The leader of the commando group announced himself as "Ajax Balthazar McGee".

He's certain that his name matters to us.

I asked the team whether he looks more like a "Rupert".

Dr. A pronounced him a "Roderick". Perfect! We'll call him "Roddy" for combat discourse.

Also he has moved himself to the top of the priority tree. I need to knock him flat and ruin his immediate next three moves!

He has some sort of weaponry built into his gauntlets, because of course he does. Once I have him flat, I will be able to reach the emitter areas of the gadget with my claws!



Fourth Front: Society of Rao

Wait, they have superspeed now?!

Feral: "Dr. A, Amythyst, seriously. How normal is it for a Kryptonian to move at what the usual human on the streets of Topeka, Kansas would call 'superspeed'?"

Feral: "I'm asking for science."

Adel: "Normal - you have to remember that we are talking about a different planet with different physics."

Feral: "Right. Okay. Thanks. So it's strong like a Star Trek Vulcan, fast, pretty good dexterity to go with the lighter gravity, and some really impressive muscle control in case you need to mimic human biorhythms for a sensor. Anything else? Do you folks make up most of the people at the annual Polar Bear swim meet?"

Adel: "Yes, but that is a secret!"

Feral to herself: "Kryptos can stroll around a Dakota Winter in board shorts .... noted."



Fifth Front: Oscorp

With the rest of this cleared up, we still need to get the rescue targets out of a room to the southeast of the complex. Dr. Baptiste says he can take control of the security system for a short period if we'll go in there and act swiftly.



Selections from Team Communications

Dr. Don Blake has not been inside SeaBase Alpha for at least half an hour. Once the hostiles are resolved, the team gets to wondering where he is.

Don reports via Wyldfire comms that he is inside the nearby AIM sub.

Feral to Don, and not in a quiet or calm voice: "THE AIM SUB?!?"

Feral to Don via comms, still not quiet nor calm: "You're in an AIM sub and you're high on morphine?!?

( No, he's not on morphine. But he did have to deal with a submarine drone full of Dr. Zoara's green mind control gas.)

Feral to Don via comms: "You're in an AIM sub and there was Rao-made green goop gas!!!"

(Yes and no. The gas was in a separate vehicle. He destroyed it, dissipating the gas into the ocean.)


Feral may faint if she doesn't start breathing normally soon.

Feral to Dr. Baptiste and Agent El: "I am now in violation of the EPA and the Fisheries and Wildlife Protection Act. And possibly the Geneva Convention."

Feral to Dr. Baptiste and Agent El: "I am definitely not getting a bonus off this contract."

- what was audible by Dr. Baptiste from Feral's end of the comms

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