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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Danger: Electrical Hazard

by Feral

AIMing to MIsbehave: Chapter 2

| Aug 7, 2022

Deep into the investigation at a Lincoln Industries' factory, Wyldfire continues their search for the missing Trevor Finn, but has to deal with ill-advised science! Legally shaky enginering! And a threat that makes for questionable choices!


November 10


about 2:10 pm

I hope my "Field Leader" interim report filed correctly before we cross this threshold. I like this customized tech that lets me subvocalize a voice-to-text file while the team is handling diverse work. As Project Lead, Dr. A is going to be making the official report to our employer, of course -- but I'm still responsible for leaving enough intel that a rescue party could follow up appropriately.

I am now in Airplane Mode to reduce signals. The explanation I got from the gadgeteers is that my earpiece uses bone conduction to pick up my voice and put sound in my ear, but my smartphone connects to the earpiece via my natural bio-magnetic field. Sounds super easy to disrupt, corrupt, or redirect, but then again, I am not a genius. So what do I know?

Well, for one, I know that signals of that low a strength should pose no potential ignition hazard in this next room. Or, rather, no more of a risk than I would pose by existing in there if I had zero electronic gear on me at all.

For another, I know that if I suffer a shock in here, I need to check my gear as soon afterward as I safely can do.

We are inside the Lincoln Industries warehouse. Judging by remaining equipment and sockets left on floor slash walls, the front area -- south end of the warehouse, official front door -- was set up to be reception and office space, for managers to get the digital work done or to meet with reps from customers. Northward transitions to heavy industrial manufacturing work, appropriate to the "Ironworks" name of this city region.

We passed through some of the manufacturing area to reach the testing department.

The threshold is covered by a thick door thoroughly insulated against electromagnetic energy. On approach, we spotted warning signs about a severe electrical danger. Once the door opened, we see visual markers of an exploded plasma ball; water on the floor, which is certainly not going to be from a trigger of fire suppression in an electrical test room but might indicate that the water-based fire suppression in the rest of the building had been diverted to fuel another miniaturized hydrogenerator similar to those we found in the office area; and, drawing most of my threat concern, skeletal frameworks incorporating clockwork components, draped in burnt moss.

Oh … good.

The skeletons are … not yellow?

So. Probably not AIM. Unless the color theme would have been applied after it finished assembly and alpha testing.

But if this stuff turns out to not be AIM, who are our other likely suspects? I don't see sleek, sharp outlines, so probably not Oscorp. It has the potential for ridiculous ego-boosting bulk that suits some LexCorp designs. I have no idea whether the Kryptonian Mansplainer Society has design aesthetics along these lines, since all I have observed of their production so far has been green goop gas. Everything else I saw them use was probably of an ally's manufacture.


The machines covered in moss are trying to kill us.


AIM just showed up!


AIM showed up some MORE!


One of the newest AIM arrivals is Trevor Finn. He says he needs help. He says this is "Phase One" of "Dr. Grimm's plan". He wants us to come with him right now.

The guy I landed on was here to "get the notes", do cleanup, and sanitize the "Chronaton Generator".


To: Blue eyes

From: Feral

Subject: Check On Your Son



- Feral sends a fast email

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