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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grimm Phase Two

by Feral

AIMing to Misbehave: Chapter 3

| Aug 21, 2022

After the fight at the abandoned factory, the team teams up with two rogue AIM cyber-commandos to stop what may be an AIM plot! Meanwhile, Team Luthor enters the mix to complicate matters even more!


November 10


about 3:00 pm

My "Field Leader" security report was super scanty.

But I typed it on my phone -- which, as everyone even loosely associated with Special Projects knows, is complicated for me in comfortable conditions, so seriously difficult for me when crammed into a corner of an SUV in motion -- and the reason I crammed myself into a corner is

Medkit's cotton-mushroom combo planty thingy


it's in the child seat in the middle of the bench

you BET that I wedged myself as far to the side as seatbelt permits. And held onto my burner phone very, very firmly.

I am not a happy leopard, is what I am writing.

I hope SW emails me back soon. I don't know whether I hope the answer is some version of "he's fine, you're being weird; why?" because that would mean all of our kids are okay … or if I hope the answer is more equivalent to "my son is playing hooky!" in which case, I can require an explanation and then send him back to his normal form.

That is a sentence that I just wrote.

In regard to a child I have a supporting role in raising.

Maybe I should stop writing notes. Stop thinking about my life. Look outside. Keep my attention strictly on my job, which is to anticipate and resolve critical safety concerns for the project team except for when the Project Lead gives me a specfic directive.


We are on the 5th floor of an office building that has not had renters present for at least six months.

Trevor Finn says the entire city of Metropolis is in danger, probably all at once. He says he and Grant have been trying to derail it, but Project Lead Hogan Grimm has proven too much for them.

Grant Mason says AIM does nothing unless they have a client somewhere who has paid for the service that AIM is providing.

Finn says, and Mason confirms, that Grimm is using this client project to advance his own plans. The thing with the moss is the "Green Plan" or the "Green Effort". As it progresses, it will inevitably double-cross AIM and probably the client as well.

Grimm has had them stealing equipment from LexCorp and from some Hammer Empire stashes.

We compare notes, give Dr. A our analyses. Plan to go investigate the junkyard, probably, but maybe Grimm's hq.

This plan is interrupted by incoming Team Luthor (siiiiiigh)


Update to Boss: combat capacity of drones, green nanite mist, yellow-white energy beam

Update to Blackjack: "Dr. B needs motivation to learn his new tappy-tappy under secure conditions. Help me think of motivation."

Update to personal diary: I'm going to put stale powdered dill in Don's washing machine.

I can help with that washing machine plan

Dr. A, having read Feral's notes to herself regarding "retribution"


Luthor has at least partially cracked our comms encryption. He is tracking the signal. We don't have reason to suspect he can decipher it enough to hear us, but we know he can find our physical devices. We have to contact the tech duo for replacement. They have one set of brand spanking new options, but if anything happens to those, we'll have to downgrade to Dollar General cheapos.

Luthor wants some "focusing crystals" out of the Chronaton jobbies. And he can track signal output from those machines.

I just hope we can figure out who Grimm is actually trying to impress … and that it does not turn out to be Poison Ivy….

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