Natunda, Telona 15th, 12731

Powdered Sage

by Dizzy Flores

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 15

Iwa wants a means to put the fear of Iwa into fake!Silar Mins, so I looked up Squibs in the Holopedia. Their "fur" is an olfactory organ. I suggest cayenne or rosemary, but Iwa goes for the sage-bath!
Rushlight has been talking to some kind of a voodoo thing that calls themself "Triune". Rushlight is not having a good time with this. He's also having a Serious Talk with fake!Silar about the future, and survival, and so forth.
Greelo looked up "Triune" on Bountypedia. He found that Zero the Hutt is looking for a husband for somebody named "Triloon" which is not the same.
But we're going to find my baby sister Carmen! And also several other people, including Iwa's grandson Arrawtha.
I don't see any wax marks on these walls so I doubt Carmen has been here. But something has been here that left long scratch marks on the walls.
Segeer, Mar Jani, and Greelo are going to go with Iwa into the foresty half.
fake!Silar and I are going with Rushlight through the industrial half.
We leave the tunnel section and we still see some dust on the floor in this disused area. Out pas where it opens up is this long street, a double-wide road with a set of buildings that rise on either side. Zadra said this place was supposed to be super duper old, and I would think the plascrete would have decayed more than it has. Sure, it's cracked and stuff, but still.
Iiiiiiiiiiiii see spiderwebs. With crystalline powder on the strands. Inside the buildings. Some of these webs are big enough to wrap around Rushlight, who is not a tiny dude. Each of the buildings is at least 10 to 12 stories tall. At the far end of the road, in the intersection, there's some debris piled up on one corner. We see the remnants of wiring. We see what's probably a security camera or maybe system, but it's not showing any signs that it is turned on. This place has a moving atmosphere, so we hear (and Rushlight apparently feels) a little bit of wind.
I zoom in on some of the tracks and I see a shadowy dangling thing in one of the buildings.... uhhh .... okay. It looks like a thin black bear with six legs caught in a web.
We are now SURROUNDED by big orb maybe eye thingies in the buildings.
Which Segeer over in the Forest side says are probably "spice spiders" but those don't have big protrusions in the mouth area.
Rushlight uses his sandwiches to try to befriend the six legged bear spider things.
Which suddenly run for the hills.
What's coming? Spice spiders that are also REAVERS
and our escape path requires going over a bridge, which Rushlight needs to check for traps.
I have been WEBBED this is so gross!

me: Iwaaaaaaaaaa!
me: my leg is stuck to the street via spit Iwa
me: there's an acklay trying to size me up Iwa
me: pretty sure if I shriek like a boy, you know, out loud, it's going to bite me
Iwa (quoting me to me): The industrial section will be really quick clear
me: We're going as fast as we can!
me: How do you say BAD DOG GO TO BED in really loud Wookiee?
me: if you could just
me: you know
me: lean in to the mic?
me: {turns on loudspeaker mode on her helmet}
Acklay: {boops me on the helmet}

The acklay thinks I am an Aw'akeen zookeeper, here to give it noms. Oooookay then.
While having our usual intellectual discussion on topics of note, we join the team back up and head toward the tube car which takes us over to the dome which will probably have our people to be rescued in it. Rushlight has some kind of a voodoo fit and talks about a woman with diamonds on her forehead; we get a comms call from Iwa's grandson Arrawtha who says they are being attacked by Reavers. Carmen is there too so I get her to give us navigational (spherical) bearing for where they are, which I think I have translated well enough that we can run their way.
When we get there, the Reavers are separated by a large fountain, so there are six hostiles close to the rescuables and another five or so on the opposite side of the fountain.
Iwa says that I'm the commander, what's the plan. Whawha??
Uhhh! Okay! We want more of our forces to focus on destroying the Reavers that are on the far side of the fountain. Greelo to do crowd management and pin them in place somehow, Iwa to make with the hurty, Segeer and Charkarr and so forth to support. Rushlight and I to hit the Reavers who have their backs to us but are close in on the rescuable party.
It's going FINE despite the MINI THERMAL DETS when suddenly blaster fire comes down on us from above and to either sides! Bloodsmith Raiders! One of whom is a cyberfan of The Rhino!
Segeer is not doing well at all in this fight. I think he is down. Iwa is not having the BEST time ever -- sounds like she let her temper loose pretty early in the dance -- and the Bloodsmith Raiders rightfully see Rushlight and Greelo as the high-threat targets, because several of them keep shooting at the lads. Not entirely unsuccessfully. Mar Jani got shot in the shoulder at the start, too, which is a real problem.
And now some of the Bloodsmith Raiders have jetpacks, that's not fair! After we went to all that trouble to throw Reavers up to their balconies!
Everyone gets pretty heftily injured except Carmen, Arrawtha, Greelo, and me. And I'm starting to run out of options here.
Ohhhhhhhhh kay! Thanks to Greelo's smoke arrow thing, Iwa whittled down most of the remaining Reavers. And then thanks to lots of stun and the Hakuna Matata song, I managed to stun Iwa enough that Rushlight's tranquilizer dart can finally take her from Rage to Night-Night.
Despite earlier claims to Mom that my first aid training is "stim packs on right thigh, also I know how to apply tourniquet", I do know how to do that. While Greelo and Rushlight yammer a LOT, about a bad pair of options for outside help, I quietly patch up Mom and then Rushlight.
me: ... uhhhh ... I don't know how to First Aid on droids
me: Carmen?
me: You know First Aid, subcategory Tinny?
Carmen: ... I can repair a starship engine. Almost the same thing?
Arrawtha knows how to repair droids, as it runs in the family, so he gets to work on Chakarr while I start patching up Iwa.
Iwa has been bitten and infected by a Reaver.

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not good
I put Rushlight and Mom (wearing my helmet) into a conversation about how to cure that, plus Greelo is pitching in some.
Plan 1: Rushlight gets supplies from nearby hospital, including a bacta bed. Rushlight and Mar Jani do a blood filtration and cure Iwa.
Plan 2: We go rescue the female-presenting person who answers to Triune. We kill lots of Bloodsmith Raiders. Triune thinks they know how to cure a disease.
Plan 3: There's a bacta tank back on the Banana Republic.
Plan 4: some kinda PORTAL to frak knows where, which will supposedly have someone on the other side that should know how to remove a disease even though they do not know what a wookiee is ....
Segeer helped me find replacement medical supplies here in the hospital.
Greelo says he saw the person Rushlight has been describing from his voodoo dreams. Greelo says some of the Bloodsmith Raider ships left. And he says he sees a nearby building that flashed yellow every time the Triune person tried to fight the force field cage.
I send him off to do a max stealth recon of the building with the glowy bit. He sends back a picture of The Door Into Shadow, with yellow outer boundary.

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