Telona 10th, 12731

tl dr version of notes for 2.08 chapter 7

by Dizzy Flores

Gear Grinders is a gang; Garek Fallon is the pilot jerk who swiped Dizzy's DC-17; Church of the Force has a bounty posted on Garek and that bounty was signed/funded by Cardinal Armand du Pleiss


That Cardinal now wants Greelo to go after Faris Lem nicknamed "Hookshanks". For 60K in credits. He was a close associate of Pascal Conti who is now dead a la Rushlight. The Cardinal prefers "alive" but "life is unpredictable".

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  1. tl dr version of notes for 2.08 chapter 7
    Telona 10th, 12731
  2. We aren't getting shot yet!
    Telona 10th, 12731
  4. My Leet Baking Skills
    Telona 13, 12731
  5. Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal
  6. Private War setup
  7. Private War Throwdown
  8. Buckets On
    Telona 13th, 12731
  9. Who invited them?
    Satunda, Telona 15th, 12731
  10. Powdered Sage
    Natunda, Telona 15th, 12731
  11. The Door Into Shadow
    Atunda, Telona 16th, 12731
  12. OOC: The Web of Silar Mins Postscript