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by Dizzy Flores

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 11


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The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 9

| Jul 7, 2019

What we have not yet done:

  1. Find fake!Silar Mins.

  2. Interrogate fake!Silar Mins.

    Extract information from fake!Silar Mins that will enable us to aid Morticia.

    Extract information from fake!Silar Mins that will enable us to put a stop to all the crap which fake!Silar Mins has been setting into motion.

  3. Bring fake!Silar Mins to an unhappy conclusion.

    Collect numerous bounties on fake!Silar Mins.

  4. Save My Mom, Mar Jani. (Also: everyone else that fake!Silar Mins has been capturing and/or mucking about with.)

  5. Locate and rescue large swathes of the poor population of Calais.

  6. Locate and rescue our client's lady friend and confidant, Zallara Terrek.

  7. Fix up Morticia.

  8. Get married several times over.

  9. My sisters ask me for relationship advice because I Am The Expert.

  10. Never grow old.

    Never retire.

    Keep on flying.


But before all that: We need to survive the flight back into Calais. The Gear Grinders have JET PACKS and also GAUSS GUNS and are here to try ot make us crash! I'mma turn on the Shields ((2d+1 Shields on the ambulance))


Carmen straight up lied to me, by the way, about how shields and weaponry work together. There's no hole.


That one Gear Grinder used a PHASER CANNON on us and now the ambulance has a moon roof. I think we're going to make him swallow it and then find out where he got it and get one for the Deez Nuts later! (Okay, actually we just kill him in the air. But notes for future inquiry!)


Pretty soon we got hit with an E-Web from the Magic Bus, the whole ambulance is shutting down dead in midair which is not good for our survivability rate. Patients onboard are the Countess (stunned) and five additional people, I think including the Cardinal who is in a healing coma or some Jedi thing.


What IDIOT brought an entire BANDOLIER of thermal dets?!? I dunno but I think it's just atomized all of them. And the Magic Bus.


We escape into the sewer system but we know the Lightning Guard will be after us very soon. When we get to Dr. Wontag's hospital, it's smoking and burnt and very quiet. About four hours ago, something amateur but with spooky knives breached the place and created a lot of destruction. And then left a Hunter-Seeker on auto-attack in case Noki, Monnk, and/or Dr. Wontag came out of the room where they barricaded themselves.


Mom sent me a message! She needs rescue from "this little man" which would be fake!Silar Mins!


Along with giving me my mom's message, bounty hunter Kol Peck gave us the Palace blueprints that the Cardinal wanted him to get to us.


We get Monnk into an atmospheric pressure cast system because we are not taking the entire bacta bed while we are on the run. And then we set out for a mothballed dungeon (allegedly!) under the Palace.


Cardinal du Pleiss knows how to get in! That's not creepy at all!


We go in through a secret entrance into a room that slowly lights itself up. They look like plasma torches. We're on a landing with some repulsor barges on an underground lake.


Greelo's barge: me, Red Sparrow, 1 patient, materials being transported


Iwa's barge: Noki, Monnk, 2 patients, Makena, and Inspector Grimes.


Rushlight's barge: Cardinal du Pleiss, Countess Beaufort, Dr. Wontag, 2 patients


We get safely to the "torture area" one floor up from the dungeon, and it is VERY CLEAN up here. AND THE WALL MOVED. And it indicated a path upward when I stated that I am here to ensure that Madame Terrek is well.


Up in the main floor of the Palace, we split the party when I get a message via obscure channels: "help me". That's coming from somewhere in the back half of the Palace. Meanwhile up here, Greelo has a track on a squib that might be fake!Silar Mins, and Rushlight senses Enzio and Alon Paul that evil vampire-wannabe guy from a month or two ago.

You can't FIND THEM and yet one of them is right there!!!
— Alon Paul to Enzio about Rushlight


We've got fake!Emperor, fake!Silar who mentions that he's also doing work for Jack LeGrange, and Son_of_ Pascale Contee. We think they're torturing Zallara Terrek and possibly the mother of the Emperor.


Once we have heard enough, we Save My Mom by some excellent wide angle stun and also a kick in the fork of Gerard Contee (since he's blocking stunner fire with his Spooky Knife.


Text message conversation

DZ: Grimes?

Grimes: Yes?

DZ: 1. Need downstairs medical supplies in back area of main floor of Palace. For Empress Mother.

2. Sith Lord Knife Guy Alon Paul has been in on an usurper thing.

3. Sith Lord Knife Guy plans on leaving scene of crime. And maybe not whacking our team.

4. Who is in charge of Mists now that Enzio is extremely dead? He was murdered by Sith Lord KNife Guy Alon Paul.

Grimes: If the head of the Mists was killed, they will vanish for a time until they select a new leader

2: but Alon Paul Thoulieu? that's disturbing

DZ: Y'all need Skywalkers on this planet. Meanwhile, get everyone together and get 'em all up here. Including Cardinal.

Grimes: moving people now, we have spoken with Zallara


Enzio is dead and Alon Paul left after snacking on Rushlight. Rushlight and Dr. Wontag and Mom need to cure the poison in the Empress Zallara so she can be disconnected from the vines of her handmaiden. And then we need to hurry off the planet, ideally with our prisoner fake!Silar Mins, so we can go to Chalcedon and rescue Iwa's grandson. And rescue Baby Sister Carmen.


Characters Interacted With:

  • The "Butcher" of the Boucherie Gourmade de Louis, maybe named Louis? Anyway he was in the Gear Grinders Magic Bus.

  • various Gear Grinders with jet packs!

  • Alon Paul a.k.a. Evil Vampire-Wannabe Guy

  • Gerard Contee son of the late Pascale Contee

  • Enzio of The Mists

  • Cardinal Armand du Pleiss

  • Countess Louise de Beaufort more than halfway transformed into a panther monster person

  • Lieutenant / Inspector Landis Grimes

  • the Red Sparrow and his maybe-civilian friends

  • Makena the hairstylist extraordinaire

  • Dr. Wontag

  • Noki Sunfell

  • Dizzy

  • Greelo

  • Iwa and Chakarr her personal droid

  • Monnk who is actually Eric Terrek the son of Zallara Terrek

  • Rushlight

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