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Kol Peck

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 19.0 "Mission of Mercy"

Kol Peck

VNY's notes:

Rogga's best. Supposedly the last member of his Tusken Raider tribe.
I'd have more compassion if he made literally any decision at all to suggest that compassion was an option with him. Instead, he's trying to kill Ganzareg Tinar plus anyone who ever talks to him.
- database entry updated Katunda
17 Selona

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kol Peck has always had a knack for tracking. On his homeworld of Tatooine among his Tusken Raider tribe, it was said he could "track a whisper over a shifting sand dune, and was twice as tenacious about it".   Stories of his skill reached Eddec the Hutt who hired the young raider for a few tracking jobs on Tatooine. After several successful contracts, Eddec was impressed enough to sponsor the young man in getting a bounty hunter license and keeping him on retainer.   Since leaving Tatooine, Kol has been quite successful, using his skills as a Tusken Raider in tracking down bounties. But being from such an isolated culture, the nuances of the galaxy at large are at times baffling for Kol and will leave him a bit frustrated.   He doesn't hold any allegiance to a particular bounty hunter clan in the Bounty Hunter Guild, but has kept himself a freelance bounty hunter. Yet, he maintains his dues and licenses with the guild as instructed.   Kol also maintains a friendly relationship with his patron, Eddec the Hutt, who keeps the man on retainer for special situations.   The most trouble he has had with a bounty was with the crew of the Banana Republic, who subdued him and turned him in to the local authorities on Mechis II.


Kol was educated by his tribe and tribal shaman. Later, Eddec the Hutt paid for teachers to round out the bounty hunter's skills in more off-world matters, such as business and language.
Current Location
175 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Kol speaks Galactic Basic, Jawaese, and Ghorfaese


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