The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 7

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Crossfire and Cross Purposes

Chapter 7: Crossfire and Cross-Purposes
Plot | Feb 19, 2019

I dunno who shot me in the kama while I was dangling ONE-HANDED from a repulsorlift (after blowing up my own repeating blaster to get myself out of that containment cell) but if they hadn't already been shot through a wall, I would be doing them an injury! I guess it's a good thing for them that I have a PRISONER and also a burning need to get the eff away from the scene of combat and crashing.


Greelo booked us in the Fanciest Hotel Around overnight as a "celebrity incognito with entourage" so we could clean up, patch up, rest up, and break up any trails after us. Gear Grinders tried for us again TWICE on the approach to the hotel. Since I did not have armor on, I had to get fisticuffy with one of the hostiles. And then Iwa told me to "catch her" meaning the shrimpy girl who is and is not a Twi'lek; so I caught her by the braid and pulled her backward off balance. I did not do any serious injuries because Iwa has decided she will protect this one. I admire and respect Iwa. I accept her decisions, including the obviously stupid-assed ones.
Also, I do not want her to have to rip my arms off.
So now we have Monnk with us again, and we have the girl. Didn't I used to have a prisoner A certain pilot who had taken my Deece off my unconscious person, and shot at me with it, whom I had to knock out and haul off the crashing repulsorlift? I better have Greelo bring him into the police station as a "citizen's arrest" for Grimes to take over.


Greelo did not take him to the Defense Force. Greelo took him to the Lightning Guard. I am sure he had a good thinking going on there but I do not know what it is.


To recap:


Gear Grinders is a gang; Garek Fallon is the pilot jerk who swiped my DC-17; Church of the Force has a bounty posted on Garek and that bounty was signed/funded by Cardinal Armand du Pleiss


That Cardinal now wants Greelo to go after Faris Lem nicknamed "Hookshanks". For 60K in credits. He was a close associate of Pasquale Contee who is now dead a la Rushlight. The Cardinal prefers "alive" but "life is unpredictable".


We had notes that "Faris Hookshanks" was the name. Rushlight talked to him back in a dive called "Level 32". Hookshanks got him the job with Pasquale Contee. So this is another complication on a job that still, at its true heart, is about rescuing MY MOM and raining a lot of pain down on fake!Silar Mins.

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