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The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 3

General Summary

The Crime Lord

Chapter 3: The Crime Lord
Plot | Feb 18, 2019

To sum up: Rushlight makes friends everywhere he goes; Greelo makes money everywhere he goes; Dizzy finds somebody she thinks she should be protecting everywhere she goes.

Rushlight went to a Very Nice Restaurant and proceeded to uncouth his way to offending the maitre d' of L'Palm de Eve which meant he also offended the owner, Charles de Gaulle l'English. He had a nice table conversation with Lieutenant Inspector Landis Grimes of the Port Authority, but Rushlight also got a bounty placed on his head by said maitre d'.
Meetings with local bad eggs such as Faris Hookshanks got Rushlight a job with Pasquale Contee at the Old Cannery, where it turned out animals and people were being horribly converted into involuntary monsters right out of a horror-genre comic book. Some sentient people had fur and claws and panther features, and were contagious; others had lizard parts, or something even stranger, and were destined to fight for their lives as a source of entertainment.
The crew of the Deez Nuts are having none of it.
(Which means: combat very much ensued. Loudly. With lots and lots of prejudice.)
Sometimes the bad guy could cut the air with his knife and make it scream, and drag things out of it. Or step into the hole he had cut in reality.
Nobody liked that, either; we responded firmly.
We saved as many people as we could, including getting somebody off an operating table. We pulled one man (who had been turned into a Man-Shark type of thing) literally out of a pit.
We, uh, violated the structural integrity of the place before law enforcement and the Lightning Guard showed up in response to the sounds of warfare.
We sent the megafauna-sized eight-footed bear (who is happy to follow a kind voice and a steak and maybe some scritches) on our shuttle, piloted by Iwa, back to the Banana Republic on a special "THAT IS EXCESSIVELY LARGE! YES PLEASE! GET IT OFF OUR SPACEPORT AND ALSO OUR PLANET!" dispensation from the Port Authority. We figure that S'reee and the crew will have no real trouble in getting Moon Moon settled in a hold of the ship. Maybe even expedite his transport, which means a certain Clone Trooper misses out on the expression on the Jedi's collective faces when they receive shipment.
But, hey, can't have everything!

Emails and Intra-Party Messaging

To: docfuzzy at yeswehavenobananas
From: dz821 at yeswehavenobananas
Subj: passing a message
Old feller says to tell you: "You're late!"
To: dz821 at yeswehavenobananas
From: docfuzzy at yeswehavenobananas
Well sh@t ... any who I'm in got job at 8 pm
To: dz821 at yeswehavenobananas
From: docfuzzy at yeswehavenobananas
Oh and I think I just made a deal with the devil..... will be going to the old cannery at 8
To: Inspector Grimes at PortAuthority dot Mechis dot gov
From: dz821 at yeswehavenobananas
Subj: Emergency
I need a stealth medical rescue team, not Lightning by preference, at this location soonest.
Multiple victims.
The bounty on Doc Fuzzy is now a hundred fifty thousand credits.
The restaurant's name is something like L'Palm de Eve or something.
And the restaurant's owner is registered as Charles de Gaulle l'English I guess?
Oh and the current Bounty Hunter is Mercy Graves Corwin.
And now the bounty is 300,000 credits
Did he go back to the restaurant? Oh! Ask him where the special de-tangling shampoo is.
He did not. In fact, Doc Fuzzy has solemnly promised that he will never darken the Palm's doorstep ever again.
As for the de-tangling shampoo, I dunno. I will ask him when I get a chance. But you're making a shuttle run back to the Banana Republic with Moon Moon, so you can probably get your regular stash after you get Moon Moon settled with some food and a big water bowl and a few pee pads.
It in the hall closet under the giant bag of wookie litter

Scattered notes from Dizzy's log in case Iwa demands a report:


We now have liberated a Qupqugiaq (see link) of VERY LARGE SIZE.
Until we find out otherwise, his name is Moon Moon
and when we can, we're going to ship him to the Old Folks' Home at Allandor in the Tapani Sector.


It is possible that Moon Moon is a custom genetically designed fighting critter made by someone who probably needs their arms ripped off.


Mr. Shark Head guy, who was in the pit at the "cannery", does not remember his name. So I'm going to call him "Monnk" for now, because he reminds me of a SCUBA that I met once.

Character(s) interacted with


I rolled a twelve on a sense as shole roll for the start of next game.
Rushlight's player
Report Date
13 Oct 2018


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