The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 2

General Summary

The Informant

Chapter 2: The Informant
Plot | Feb 18, 2019

Notes from Iwa:


West Pier 17 is our target. Should find Pascal and possibly Silar there.


We have three bad musketeers to deal with:


Faris Hookshanks - Knife thrower, commonly found in the cantina Level 32, proud of his skill, doesn't back down and doesn't lose when throwing things - knives in particular, has issues with Roland


Giggles - muscle, a Gamorean, never at Level 32, friendly with both


Roland Derrick - Dr. Death, commonly found in the stockyards, germophobe, has issues with Faris, longest employee of Pascal


Do most of Pascal's dirty work and he treats them equally.


Also looking for her deck of cards (her language) and her son, Aaron.

Rewards Granted

Note from the GM:


Items "collected" off the bounty hunter Kol Peck by the Shards of Infamy crew in Episode 2.08, Chapter 2:

  • Blaster rifle (6D) with needler attachment ( damage for needles are per needle type )
    __ Tranq-Injection Rounds (1D+2 stun damage to organic targets. Target vs Stamina or Strength-2 if no stamina to shake off effects. Target stunned for 3D rounds) ( 1 magazine of 15 needles )
  • Comlink
  • Datapad
  • Tusken Raider rebreather ( +2D for trying to breathe in hostile atmosphere environments )
  • Bounty Hunter battle armor (+3D physical, +2D energy)
  • Unusual Camouflage cloak. Seems to be made from the hide of some animal.
  • Krayt dragon fang-knife ( STR+3D )
  • Bag of taser disks (discharges an intense ionization burst on impact or when activated. 3D stun to living targets, 4D+2 damage to droid or cybernetics)
  • Insulated boots ( +2D to STR when resisting taser or ionization damage )

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18 Sep 2018
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