The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 1

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The Missing Refugees

Chapter 1: The Missing Refugees
Plot | Feb 18, 2019

Previously, on Shards of Infamy:

  • Episode 2.07 - The Hunt for Silar Mins
  • Note from Dizzy to Dizzy, for 3 months from now:


    Send chocolates to Mr. Zan at Cenvex Station in the Kinyen System.
    He's the guy who makes The Meat Salad.

  • Dizzy bought Doc Fuzzy the Kitty Cat version of these gloves
    Pemfero's Marvelous Goods
    They have sound effects and everything
    also Pemfero might be a candidate for one of my future ex-spouses
  • Iwa makes friends and influences people thusly:
    berzerker rage
  • Silar Minsis a Spoon Game problem.
    Arthren'nis Jarl SWEARS that he is not Silar Mins. That there IS no Silar Mins. That he and his brother made "Silar Mins" up.
  • We are not (yet) rich.
  • Iwa now has a deeper knowledge of police procedure! And what it's like to pilot a swoop bike at high speeds through a park! With a security officer across the hood of said speeder bike!
  • Rushlight has found the great utility of having station coveralls nearby! And... may have declared himself as Mordecai Heller's "brother" in public. In front of Mordecai. At least twice.
  • Greelo's giving his streetwise contacts a WORKOUT what with all the assassins that are on Arcadia Station ( At one point there was the comment "What, is there an assassin convention aboard?" )
  • Greelo also now knows that trying to stab yourself with your own tranq arrow to sneak a way into medical just miiiight not be a good idea ( he shook off the effects of his own toxin BEFORE it really took effect ).
  • Bossy Sister Maia has a shoulder pet: The Hunt for Silar Mins: Act 8
  • Vader
  • Morticia Darling has things going on. The Hunt for Silar Mins: Act 7
    Maia: This Madalitso Cardea guy is going to have to go!
  • We Do Not Want A Bomb on the Banana Republic: The Hunt for Silar Mins: Act 8
  • Episode 2.08: Episode 2.08 - The Web of Silar Mins

Greelo found a thing: a Das'skar Hunting Mask


Dizzy's notes:


We will be getting in touch with (sp?) Zelara Terek or something like that in the direction of going into the highly secure location and un-securing it. We may have to work a bit to find her because Some People in Government are temperamental. So the advice is to go to the midlands in Calais and give her reason to find us. Then we can find out what she knows.


While we are there, to provide cover for why we are showing up, we have cargo to deliver. It's for sale for the industries of Mechis II. Focus crystals for hyperdrive engines, droid parts, so on and so forth.


If we need to contact the Lady, we should be able to get a quick response on the emergency channel.


As we descend, we see a bulk freighter being brought down with escort by patrol craft. Then we see some ?? soldiers ?? whose unis are red with black trim, and ten of these soldiers surround it with defensive positions and stuff as the hatch starts to lower.


The "civilian" Customs Guy (whom I addressed as "Lt Cmdr" to see what he would do) recommends that we try the Drunken Bluebird as a place for a relaxing beverage after all this.


We are NOT OKAY with seeing the Cardinal's "Lightning Guard" going after refugees on that bulk freighter.


The message on flimsy in the pockets of Iwa, Rushlight, and Greelo says

That was impressive. Come to my house at 3 Lancet Street at sunset, and we will have much to discuss.
— Zallara


Intraparty messaging:

The word of the day:
bonus points to the one who can use it most often in conversations.
What's the current score?
Dizzy has three and Rushlight has one. Neither Iwa or Greelo has managed it.
Iwa has one and Dizzy is up to six
From: Dizzy
Attn: Banana Republic Away Team
Tish + Rushie Sitting In A Tree
From: Dizzy
okay so
  • Tish has a crush on Rushlight
  • Vader has a crush on Tish
  • Rushie has a crush on Tish
  • I don't have a crush on Iwa because she doesn't cook
  • Greelo has a crush on ... ?
  • S'reee has a crush on the Banana Republic
  • Pilot has a crush on S'reee which basically counts as reciprocal crush
  • Did I miss anybody?
From: Dizzy
Can we hire a pastor with a bulk discount?
From: Iwa
Iwa has no crushes on anyone and nope, no pastor with any sense would get involved with us.

Emails sent and received:

To: razak.vorysadora at
From: dz821 at yeswehavenobananas
Subj: Please forward
Need Knights Skywalker at Calais : Mechis II : Mechis System
current govt is bicameral w/ one emperor versus one "Cardinal of Church of the Force"
v v certain this is NOT GOOD READ OF REGS
please forward ASAP as, if I do not hear anything to supersede current parameters, I and the crew of S.S. Deez Nuts are going to use procedure code-named "SHENANIGANS".
P.S.: How's the lordyship holding up?
To: dz821 at yeswehavenobananas
From: razak.vorysadora at
Subj: RE: Please forward
Will do and contact Knights Skywalker. Sounds like they're missing all the fun. Old Man Skywalker is caught up with his latest class of younglings and some droid refugees?
P.S. Holding up? Holding. Easier to face down a company of sithspawned tinnies.

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