The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 4

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The Chase

Chapter 4: The Chase
Plot | Feb 23, 2019
  We went to the marketplace to follow up on some leads, but we did not get very deep on anything. Kol Peck is after us again, how did that happen? We had another encounter with some of the hostiles involved in this mess. We found that a huge chunk of the poorer part of town is empty -- possibly every citizen taken away for nefarious purposes. It makes sense that all of them are going to the same place that our targets are at; if we rescue the big batch, we'll have a good chance of rescuing our targets in the process.  
If you need your hair done, then I highly recommend Makena. He is an artist and will change your look to match our inner being. Don't walk - RUN to him to be transformed.
  At the end, we regrouped to the shuttle -- and called Inspector Grimes and Monnk to stay with us overnight, since it looks like they're targets too. And with them both present, we can have some conversations that are probably not being overheard? Maybe?

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10 Nov 2018
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