The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Persons of Interest
Plot | Aug 13, 2022

The heroes regroup before trying to find the missing people


Here we are at last at the construction site near where the unconscious Countess Louise de Beaufort got shoved into an aircar by Enzio and his buddy the other kidnapper. It looks like part of what has been cordoned off is right next to The Gilded Rose restaurant.


I really want to shoot Enzio.


I figure if someone else in the crew gets the first shot at him, that's fine, because I can always shoot his corpse a couple of times.


Anyway: Iwa's "followers" went through the data from traffic lights and other vehicles in the area of the Countess's kidnapping. They came up with this corner. And that there might have been an eyewitness, a maybe-female child who might be partially Twi'lek. I'm no geneticist, but I'm pretty sure that my science classes all said you can't have a part-{one kind of sentient species} and a part-{some other kind of sentient species}. This planet is a little TOO weird, you know?


But. Important part. It was here.


And there's this fancy restaurant here.


So the question is: does Rushlight need a reservation?


((The date on this journal is COMPLETELY INACCURATE and going to get changed.))


Mordecai Heller wants Inspector Grimes gotten off his current case. Or else take some crates to a beach and walk away.


I stave that mess off by striding up so I'm in camera
ya'know: hanging on big ol' Doc Fuzzy's big ol' shoulder and peering around him into the pickup for the holovid all happy braids 'n' smiles
and explain that I'mma agonna p.r.o.p.o.s.e to our buddy Inspector Grimes! Which makes him almost family!
Of course, Doc Fuzzy and I are "family" now.
And Mordecai is Doc's brother. Which makes Mordecai 'n' me ... family!
Too bad he can't make it for the big proposal. But he'll deffo be invited to the engagement party, right?! Right! Because faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamily!

My goodness, that Cathar assassin guy sure does have a twitch, don't he?

I have successfully derailed all talk of Mordecai and his bosses wanting something unpleasant done to Grimes. Heh. My job here is done. I'll stroll back to my watchpost in front of the construction site.

Peers in ImpSec said I had no talent for manipulating the thought processes of unmanaged outside forces. Hah! I do TOO have a range between "flat, no affect, soldier" and "dizzy broad"!

You know, I should send a quick message to Grimes about organized crime trying to get him taken off this case. I can do that at the same time I take a look in this roped off bit here.




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