The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 5

General Summary

We woke up to coffee brewed by Inspector Landis Grimes and banging on the door by that Lightning Guard lieutenant guy with his backup squad (which includes one young guy who takes a lot of notes and may have potential). They tell Rushlight that they have a video from the Old Cannery thing; they want to hire Greelo to consult on some evidence.


Some of that evidence, we see, is junky footage of us as we breached the preimeter.




I step outside to talk them through some of the details they can sort of make out in the vid. I talk about the differences between what they're seeing on me right now and what a wannabe would wear. I talk them through the idea of interviewing the industry types at some kind of undersea refinery or something? Talk to them about someone, a few months back, maybe claimed to be a "reenactor", wanted to get some of their layered suits (especially the underlayer, very important for controlling heat and pressure) but -- and this is going to be key! -- was not willing to pay a realistic price. The inquiries where the would-be purchaser got snotty about it, that's going to be the place to start the investigation rolling. You might have a terrorist situation here.


I definitely had the young guy in the back taking lots of notes and doing some thinking, but for sure that Lieutenant guy up front was in danger of dislocating his own nose. I did tell him that Greelo will drop him a line once he's got some space in his schedule, because Greelo is going to be up for a quick buck when it comes to talking about how his own arrow expertise applies to anything. (Cue angelic expressions on all of us, who are simply not available for being framed this month. Nor for being charged for the stuff we did do.)


Were we doing something? Oh, right. We were having brekkie with Grimes, and talking about the case. Man does a good job of staying hid in a closet with no notice. I like him!


So. Rushlight says the "Mists", a.k.a. the dudes in the hats, are working with some "Butchery" or something. I'll get some more intel on that later, because Grimes knows what Rushlight is talking about but Doc Fuzzy says he won't testify on this.


We feel like we need to check up on Vader and Morticia, who we told to team up back when we were still at the client's place on Mechis III. And maybe we should go have another look at the herb shop belonging to that Zallara Terrek lady. A lot of hinky stuff is going on here, and we're never seeing even half of the picture.




I'm not going to say so to the rest of the party, but I'm more and more feeling that old ARC urge to "resolve" the entire situation into which I have been dropped. This city, this planet, maybe even this entire star system is a knot tangled into a knot, and it all needs some resolving. Possibly with explosions.


We (I!) found a hidden case with Very Important Royal Shiny in it. We have put the VIRS where we feel it can not be recovered by anybody who wishes to keep all their body parts attached. In its place in the case. . . .

I write a note on a flimsy that I ball up and leave where the jewel thing was
The note says "KILLROY WUZ HEER"

I do like, very much, working with a crew who are all good at handling their circles of influence in a complicated scenario.


I just . . . kind of miss the days when I knew what to cover and what would be covered, without having to think about it or look around.


I guess that's civilian life for ya.

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22 Dec 2018
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