The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 8

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The Web of Silar Mins

Chapter 8: Bounties, Duties and Gilded Cages


The sleep was GREAT and the coffee is FANCY and now we're going to gear up and go.


Monnk is having a good breakfast of "wafers" which are probably bars of sparkly soap.


Iwa says for me to wear my ARC Armor and be ready to go; our first objective, we have agreed, is to locate and retrieve the principle -- our client, Countess Louise de Beaufort.


We descend 22 flights of stairs to get from the luxury suite down to the street level of the hotel. EXERCISE! We open the door into the lobby and see that it's busy in there. We hear live string quartet music coming from somewhere in the lobby. Nice! We're going out the back, which has the better security and anti-surveillance setup.


The Lightning Guard are not paying us attention. Rushlight stops singing long enough to tell us to not talkto them. Ohh kay, no problem. We stride right past 'em at their guard posts like we're absolutely supposed to be doing what we are doing.

Maaaaaaaaan, this is nifty! Let's never tell the bureaucrats at Cockroach Central about this.

Rushlight keeps saying that he smells smoke.


We get to the nearest bakery and find a table, so that Rushlight can slowly let go of the thing he was doing. Once people around us are noticing us, I'm going to take Shrimp up to the line to get a mass o' doughnuts for all of our breakfast. I'm thinking about three dozen? Maybe two? One dozen for all of us to split up and one dozen maple bacon doughnuts with jam filling for Monnk. Greelo is going to pay the bill and check us out of the room remotely.


I cannot get hold of Inspector Grimes. His dispatch says that he's at "an emergency" and cannot be distracted from it. I left him a message "from a Confidential Informant" but who knows when he will get that. Greelo is flipping through emergency channels, he says something is going on at East Calais.


Rushlight thinks that The Butcher Shop Guy in Midlands is the guy in charge of all the things we don't like happening, as directed by Fake!Silar, and so we should assault Butcher Shop Guy instead of assaulting the Cathedra..


Iwa spots some Gear Grinders up front with weapons, so we pick up and head out the back, ready to draw the fight away from the bakery.


Greelo is going to the top of a 3 story building and Rushlight is going to the roof of the doughnut shop with the with plants on the roof, to do sniper fire from cover. Noki Sunfell is going to stay close to Iwa and, if anybody gets close to Iwa's kneecaps, stab them. The person, not Iwa's kneecaps. Monnk and I are going to proceed to a good location to engage the nooooooooooooo we are not.




I did warn them that we could either take this to the local park and fight it out like the street thugs we are, or I would livestream this to the cops. They made their choice. As they fire, I open the channel between my "Highlight Reel Cam" and the tip line for the cops, and I start narrating: causing a public disturbance, transporting weapons to the scene of a crime, wielding weapons in the commission of a crime, damaging a valuable historic building (to wit, the bakery), and probably violation of noise ordinance too except we're gonna violate that right back at 'em. Greelo and I are working on the four down this alley; the 4 with the motorcycles down the other end of the alley are suffering the effects of Rushlight's concussion stick and an angry teleporter with a knife. Iwa follows up with her vibroblade and a stern comment. Greelo gassed our four, then I opened fire as I walked toward them.


One of those Gear Sandwiches threw a civilian into the path of fire! That's not okay. And Dispatch is talking to me like I'm a suspect in a domestic disturbance, the idiot. Soon we see the Lightning Guard on their way, which is not who I was talking to. And we need a medical facility for Noki, because she took a lot of blaster fire to the back at some point.


The Red Sparrow talks me into not staying behind to talk to the fuzz. He says he'll deal with them. So I tell Charkarr to find us a high-class addiction treatment facility, via a path that will stay out of the Lightning Guard's sight. That takes us into the sewers and tunnels below the city.

I'm getting MARRIED because this DEVARONIAN BOUNCER said YES and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT until my sisters find out that I BAGGED A GIANT DEVARONIAN HOTTIE!

I should find out his name.


He works for Dr. Wontag, who is a Toydarian. He says that, on the topic of where outside the city would the Lightning Guard take a prisoner they wanted to keep secret, he thinks they would go to the "Isle du Fer Noir". He says it's as much a fortress as anything else, and includes a medical facility with some of the highest technology he has ever seen. He heard some of the cat things were captured last night and taken there.


And my future husband's name may be Vath. He is great! He is smart and friendly and not at all the pushy-jerk stereotype of Devaronian men. Patient. Thoughtful! Maia is going to spit.


I gotta explain to him at some point about how I got to propose to Inspector Grimes first. Because of Mordecai Heller. But let's be real, we all know that Grimes is going to turn me down. I'm not his type. I'm more the ex-wife type for him.


Oh, and Vath knew that Zallara Terrek's son Eric Terrek was a regular patient of Dr. Wontag's, which means we can do the DNA test on Monnk right here with a high chance of verification! I gotta go tell Rushlight.


Over in a corner of the waiting room, Iwa is in conference with Charkarr getting a bunch of data sorted out.

Character(s) interacted with

  • We have not yet today interacted with the "Butcher" of the Boucherie Gourmade de Louis, maybe named Louis? but we're gonna, probably
  • various Gear Grinders
  • Lieutenant / Inspector Landis Grimes or at least his answering service and his phone
  • The Red Sparrow
  • Dr. Wontag
  • Vath
  • Monnk who is, we are now pretty sure, Eric Terrek
  • Charkarr
  • Dizzy
  • Greelo
  • Iwa
  • Monnk
  • Noki Sunfell
  • Rushlight
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16 Feb 2019
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