Episode 2.08: Episode 16: The Secret of the Bloodsmith Raiders Introduction

Star Wars: Shards of Infamy


Episode 2.08 - The Web Of Silar Mins


Chapter 16 - The Secret of the Bloodsmith Raiders

  In the room with the hyperspace portal, Greelo hesitated. It wasn't because of the humanoid woman in the white power armor. But because the armored droid with her looked inflatable. The white puffy armored droid waved. Greelo waved back out of reaction before he regained his composure.   The woman called herself JELSA-KER, stating she was an escort to the puffy droid. The droid introduced itself as AMA-BAYMAX, a priest and healer who was looking to bring Triune's "ghost" back to where she was needed.   Not looking a gift credit in the mouth, Greelo agreed to bring the pair back to the abandoned hospital ... once he forewarned his teammates. Once the trio arrived and introductions were made, Ama-Baymax earned some trust by alerting Rushlight and Mar Jani to a medical emergency: Iwa had silently dropped into heart failure and the hospital monitors had not responded since they were actually offline.   The trio worked through the night and by early morning, Iwa was healing steadily. As for the others, first aid kits were passed around. Around the hospital, the rest of the team took up sentry duty for both Reavers and Bloodsmith Raiders.   Morning cycled through on Chentavari Plex and the sentries watched an army of foot-sized yellow mouse droids scurry about their way. The small droids had spent all night scouring and repairing what they could of the station. They were done before morning had fully arrived and Jesla Ker had started the first fresh pot of caf.   That was when Rushlight woke to a wave of pain coming from Triune...


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