Episode 2.08: Chapter 15 - Prisoner of the Cybernetic Pirates Introduction

Star Wars: Shards of Infamy


Episode 2.08 - The Web Of Silar Mins


Chapter 15 - Prisoner of the Cybernetic Pirates

  The clouds of Monorik swam around the outside of the atmospheric channel, like well-heated acid. Ahead, the golden glow of the shields from the giant, ancient station has been the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.   Two days before, Reaver ships rose from the starship graveyard in the dozens to attack. Possibly compelled to do so by the Spartan Imperium and their new allies, the Crathax. All the evidence points to the Spartans employing some new device to manipulate the addled and dangerous Reavers. An unsettling thought.   True her word, Zadra had her field techs slice into the station. The systems had been modified and the protocols were ancient. So much so that the field techs had to rely on historical records to even make the attempt. After a tense hour, the ships eased forward. Nothing on the station reacted to their presence.   Now, after navigating past a station with a length equal to the diameter of the Death Star, the two ships move through the golden energy field. They dock with two open connector spines on an abandoned part of the world-sized station. The airlocks cycle. The atmosphere registers as breathable.   And still, there is no reaction from the station, nor is there any more communication from the escaped victims waiting for rescue ...


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