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backup of Aerena 'Relentless' Kolene

Campaign & Party

Aerena temporary character sheet

Until the Official Character Sheet Template is ready to rumba, this version will do


Dexterity SkillSpecializationDiecode
Melee CombatHijkata_d+_
Melee Parryenergy shield_5d+_

Knowledge SkillSpecializationDiecode
Businessblack market_d+_
Kwi Mappart #14d+0
Streetwisespacer's row_d+_
Valuepirate loot_3d+_

Mechanical SkillSpecializationDiecode
Starship GunnerySpecialization_d+_
Starfighter PilotingSpecialization_6d+_
Swoop OperationSpecialization_d+_

Perception SkillSpecializationDiecode

Strength SkillSpecializationDiecode

Technical SkillSpecializationDiecode
Blaster Repairnone_d+_
Computer Programming/RepairSpecialization_d+_
First AidSpecialization_d+_
Starfighter RepairSpecialization_3d+_
Sat 29th Dec 2018 07:58

Hot time in space tonight

by backup of Aerena 'Relentless' Kolene

After a nice hyperspace journey with some wonderful alone time, we enter the Chalcedon system. There is something just not right here. It looks okay, but there is just a sense of things not being as they seem. This is confirmed as I am shot at! They hit me and the panel to my right explodes - there goes my hyperdrive. Spook is “working on it”. The X-wing has a skeleton on it! There is an exchange of fire and I miss my first shot. I circle around and take another shot at the X-wing. The bounty hunters had gotten in one shot and taken out the shields so I was able to slide right behind it and just chew it up. Body parts flying from the wreckage and it is gone with a vengeance. The other ships fire and a photon torpedo skips across the hull of the other ship and I got fired at by the shuttle. I manage to dodge all of the laser fire, but one of the concussion missile and it scratches my paint!! Spook is REALLY not happy about that and is saying something about showing them how to display a dead body properly???
I get the shuttle lined up for the perfect shot, but when I depress the trigger the whole ship shakes. Apparently more than the paint was scratched. Spook is doing nothing but cursing, but will hopefully have it fixed by the time I get turned around to take another shot. I get lined up and hit the shuttle this time and in the same place as the other ship did. All I did was take out some more of the ship’s hull. What?!?!? Why is there not more damage? The bounty hunters hit the same spot and finally the ship is dead in space, but headed straight for my allies. Suddenly the ship changes trajectory and instead of being able to ignore it, a LOT of reavers come boiling out of it. My allies fire and manage to take out some of them. I shoot at the shuttle and manage to thread a torpedo inside and ignite something (fuel cell?). The shuttle lights up and I see even more reavers before the shuttle explodes and takes out all of the ones inside and outside of the shuttle. Three down, one capital ship to go.
I got shot at and get hit, but my shields hold. They

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