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AK Infamy Placeholder

This page exists to anchor the adventure journal entries of Captain Aerena Kolene who is actually in the Shards of Exploration campaign, rather than the Shards of Infamy campaign. If the GM gets the ability to move those journal entries over to the new character sheet, or in some other way to preserve access, this will disappear!

Hot time in space tonight

After a nice hyperspace journey with some wonderful alone time, we enter the Chalcedon system. There is something just not right here. It looks okay, but there is just a sense of things not being as they seem. This is confirmed as I am shot at! They hit me and the panel to my right explodes - there goes my hyperdrive. Spook is “working on it”. The X-wing has a skeleton on it! There is an exchange of fire and I miss my first shot. I circle around and take another shot at the X-wing. The bounty hunters had gotten in one shot and taken out the shields so I was able to slide right behind it and just chew it up. Body parts flying from the wreckage and it is gone with a vengeance. The other ships fire and a photon torpedo skips across the hull of the other ship and I got fired at by the shuttle. I manage to dodge all of the laser fire, but one of the concussion missile and it scratches my paint!! Spook is REALLY not happy about that and is saying something about showing them how to display a dead body properly???   I get the shuttle lined up for the perfect shot, but when I depress the trigger the whole ship shakes. Apparently more than the paint was scratched. Spook is doing nothing but cursing, but will hopefully have it fixed by the time I get turned around to take another shot. I get lined up and hit the shuttle this time and in the same place as the other ship did. All I did was take out some more of the ship’s hull. What?!?!? Why is there not more damage? The bounty hunters hit the same spot and finally the ship is dead in space, but headed straight for my allies. Suddenly the ship changes trajectory and instead of being able to ignore it, a LOT of reavers come boiling out of it. My allies fire and manage to take out some of them. I shoot at the shuttle and manage to thread a torpedo inside and ignite something (fuel cell?). The shuttle lights up and I see even more reavers before the shuttle explodes and takes out all of the ones inside and outside of the shuttle. Three down, one capital ship to go.   I got shot at and get hit, but my shields hold. They

Fight at the Not OK Corral

I know that I didn’t take out the air car. I am good, but that had to be a grenade and I inform the group of the messenger droid and then head towards the air car to investigate. Suddenly, Vanyan tells me not to cross a line. I keep walking and ask what line. A Wookie arises from the wreckage and roars. I got off a quick shot, wound it, and turn to run. I apparently winged it and it tears off a part of the ship to use as a weapon.   When I get back to the group, I turn and fire at the Wookie again. I miss and the stupid shot glances off the ship and hits a tree. At least the tree won’t hurt anyone again. The Spartans knock out two of the bounty hunters and damage a few others. Davish does his usual magic while up on top of the building and takes out some drones that were coming over the hill.   Aurra Sing fires a projectile of some sort and one of the troopers behind me takes the hit. He starts writhing in pain and his commander shoots him with something and then shouts orders into his comlink. Red 17? Symbiotes? Wth! Suddenly, I am ordered to fire on the Wookie again and this time there is a sense of peace when I aim and hit the Wookie dead center of the chest. It falls back into fire and can’t get out. Davish fires on the droids, but two at least get by him. They seem to be smooth and cylindrical until the get close to the fire-fight and then they sprout with oodles of weapons. I hear So’Zen shout “death balls”. So’Zen suddenly steps in front of me and a blaster shot that was coming for me is knocked back to where it came from. These Jedi are really handy in a fight.   Aurra Sing seems to take offense at Vanya’s presence and there are dark tendrils coming out of the ground and strangling Vanya. So’Zen rushes over and places himself between them. He stops them somehow and then Vanya strikes back. Danar takes out one of the death balls which might not have been a good idea. The explosion makes the walls of the factory melt - like walls are not supposed to do. I move to the left and take a potshot at the guys behind the air car and miss.   The bad guys shoot grenades and So’Zen averts them and they explode behind us. There is no explosion, but suddenly the grass is moving. I can’t see anything, but I have a bad feeling. Vanya does a Jedi thing and all these little critters fly through the air and land in the fire in the air car. Danar lights it up and it explodes. We do get a courtesy “duck” first. There is suddenly a scream in the air and a whole herd of geese walk over my grave.   Then the fight is over. Jerrod Quantas walks over and tells us that we have been blackballed by the police force and that they will be here shortly to grab us. He suggests we hightail it out of here. So’Zen insists that the slaves are released first and is given the codes by the guard. He gets them out and the bandits are relieved of their armaments - most especially the symbiote releasing mechanics.   I check in with Spook who confirms that we have a lot of bad guys on the way. I tell her to get the ship ready for flight and I am confronted by Quantas who asks if I have a problem blaming the incident on the guys who opened fire on us. I tell him that one bad guy is like another and it works for me. So’Zen is being a bit of a bleeding heart, but he communes with the force and gets the okay. I tell the others what Spook had to say and we get ready to leave.


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