Red Death

The Red Death is a legend about a family of creatures who hunt in the Lōtos Karstway Basin. Many believe that these creatures are uplifted super-hunters. Many a story of people entering the Basin end with them mysteriously disappearing without a trace at the hands of the Red Death. There are many theories of what is killing these adventurers, but few have any solid proof.

Oh yeah, Red Death of the Basin. Head in, all you see is the flash of red, then you're dead. I've seen it on video. Whatever claims the life, doesn't leave any evidence. Nothing but stripped bones.

The Myths

The Legend of the Red Death has been told around Kkrinth and its scavengers since the city was settled. Many theories go around, some believe it is a super natural phenomenon, an unstoppable force that haunts the Lōtos Karstway Basin just waiting for the eager soul to wander into its pollenated depths. Others believe it is a natural family of predators, potentially a new breed of Sazakraht native to the Basin.

The Truths

There have been instances of a strange new breed of Sazakraht that makes its home in the Basin. These Sazakraht from reports, have an increased intelligence compared to their Jhoutai kin.This is said to make them legendary hunters, capable of bringing down even the most geared parties who seek to find the wealth within the Basin.

The Kytherian Sazakraht

Rumors of the Red Death being a new breed of Sazakraht even more intelligent than a normal Sazakraht brings many illegal poachers to Kytheria, seeking to find the source of the Red Death and bring it to an end, or bring it in alive for a tidy profit.

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Planning on goin' to the Basin, huh? Way up there? Dangerous place that, make sure that Red Death don't claim you.
— Kkrinth Local

Cover image: Sazakraht by Amevello Blue


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