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Eemsorngsinei the Giving Spirit

"You must not be familiar with the story. Eemsorngsinei was a forest spirit that wanted to bring happiness to the other spirits of the forest. To do that he opened a shop of wonders. Its a popular folktale." Ala said.   "That's right, orngsinei!" the child said excitedly.
The tale came from various stories of Elven and Humankind from Earth and Shinia a lot of the story was borrowed from the Elven legends but the telling is in Arthurian Miyla Human Language. Some say that the forest spirits are real but others say that it is all just an old wives tale.


Eemsorngsinei is a forest spirit who realized that the other spirits were not happy and saw that there were not many things that could bring some happiness to the other spirits. So Eemsorngsinei left the forest and traveled Miyla and collected several items that brought him happiness. When he got back home he opened a shop of wonders for the other spirits so that they collect their items that came from around the world. Even though and all of the spirits could afford the items they were happy to see such a wonderful collection.

Historical Basis

The legend was created in Miyla during the Refugee Crisis when a lot of the races fled from their homeworlds to Miyla for various reasons.


It is a very popular story to the people in Nyiltokti more so the ones in the slums districts where life is harder and some happiness can go a long way.

Variations & Mutation

In some of the stories, Eemsorngsinei gives the trinkets away instead of opening a shop.

Cultural Reception

In Nyiltokti this is a well-loved story and the legend has been populated by the mothers and several retellings.