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To Bury A Silver Coin

When strange noises are heard at night and people start to go missing, the people of the Kuuloom Forest remember their ancestors tales and know just what to do. They shutter their windows, lock their doors, ban or jail all strangers, and gather their coins. Their old stories tell of times when bad days became worse nights and their trust could only be kept by themselves. The tales speak of evil spirits released in the woods, of wicked shape shifters stalking the land, and of cursed brethren gone howling mad. One ancient answer for these troubling times is to flee the woods before the rising moon, but given the size of the forest the other alternative is to stick together and follow the old ways. Strength in numbers as they say and old remedies are best remedies. One such solution can be found in the old tale of burying a silver coin.


According to the villagers and inhabitants of the Kuuloom Forest, whenever bad things begin to befall the people and town, they believe that they must bury silver coins near their homes. This is to ward off evil and to bring them good luck and prosperity. They usually start by burying the coins near the windows and eventually the doors. Some of the more desperate have even tried to make an entire silver coin ring around the whole house.

Historical Basis

Scholars believe that the tale was created to help protect young children and those who do not know the history of the Kuuloom Forest. It is believed that silver will keep away bad spirits and werecreatures. So by surrounding ones house in silver coins it would deter any lycanthropes from approaching and keep those inside safe.


This tale is very well known to the towns and villages located inside of the Kuuloom Forest. Those living in the areas immediately surrounding the forest have also heard of the stories. Farther out from the forest the tale is not really known.

Cultural Reception

Cultures outside of the Kuuloom Forest see this as just another campfire tale used to frighten young kids. Some even express a desire to go to these superstitious villages and dig up the coins if there are any really there.   However, to those who live inside the forest, they take the tales very seriously. They have grown up with the stories and have heard and seen things in the night. They do not welcome unbelievers and will not tolerate any outsiders who bring shovels.

In Literature

An untitled children's play song seems to have been passed down from generation to generation referencing this old wives tale.

In Art

The church in Moon Hollow has a stained glass window depicting a clergy member dropping some objects into a small hole in the ground near a house window. There is some debate as to what these objects actually are. Some say silver coins and some say just odd shaped seeds.   The town hall in Whisper Wood has a very distressed painting showing a close up of a hole in the ground and a hand clearly tossing five silver coins into it.
A common children's play song from the Kuuloom Forest:   Toss a silver coin on the ground.   Do not linger, do not roam.   Hurry, hurry, no one’s home.   No birds are flocking, the eyes are watching.   Head lowly bent, nose catches scent.   Running faster, following disaster.   The moon is rising, the beast is surprising.   Bury a silver coin in the ground.   Do not linger, rush straight down.   Hurry, hurry, the beast’s around.

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