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The Mysterious Nature of Druants

"If you step out in the forest with the hope of seeing something unseen, you may attract a piece of the Druant. If you stare into its eyes long enough, it will show you your true essence."
-Visited by God, a Collection of Encounters With the Druant
To many, the Druants are as otherworldly as the the Beings, and are surrounded by legend. To the skee in particular, Druants are believed to be merely a myth.  

Common Beliefs

  • There is one Druant, and all pieces of it are connected.
  • These pieces appear in many forms, always taking the form of a creature that lives in Kelunbar.
  • The Druant is a messenger from the Beings and only visits those that have important work to do.


One anonymous scholar claimed to have spent time with an actual druant, and argued that the druants are not one connected organism or being. She wrote that a druant is one soul encapsulated in two different bodies, and that there are actually many of these persons in existence. They are merely hard to find because they do take on the appearance of average forest creatures, and are generally disinterested in engaging with other people of Kelunbar.   This theory is widely disregarded due to its lack of credible source, unknown author, and there are no other concurrent theories.
Related Species
"The best way to identify the Druant is to look for a creature that's out of place. I once saw a frog sitting on top of a tree. The thing had red in its eyes and when it looked at me I felt as if my soul was suddenly on the outside of my body. I asked it what it wanted with me. It didn't say nothing but left me with the feeling that I had unfinished work to do.   I went home that day and started the work that would become the lantern that every skee uses to light up their home. I still think that that frog was a visit from a Being."
-Vos Thoho Hathenforth, skee inventor of the modern lantern

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Cover image: by Hans Veth


Author's Notes

This article was originally created for World Anvil Summer Camp 2020 for the prompt: Describe a common old wives' tale or consipracy theory from a region of your world. Does it hold any truth?

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