Old Dragon's Tail.

In the days of old we were the only ones to inhabit Corrigenda. Then when Ciará arrived during the darkening of the sun as she passed between Gautama and Corrigenda everything became unstable and the Fae appeared. Two hundred and fifty years later the the alignment reappeared in the sky and then the humans began to populate the world. I am worried about the next one in twenty years, what will we have next??
— Caerwyn the scholar 4625 BTO
    It is believed that every time there is a double eclipse some new race will emerge to inhabit the face of Corrigenda. Though there is no proof this is, in fact, the truth. There have been many double eclipses since the emergence of humans with no evidence of any new races.  With almost every double eclipse there is a major disaster of some sort.

Historical Basis

The first two incidences of the double eclipse a new race appeared on Corrigenda.  Because of this, the dragons feared it would continue and so the saying came about
When the brother steps between the sister and her paramour life will emerge once more.
— Old Dragon's Tail


  7500 BTO: creation of Corrigenda   7300 BTO: Dragons first race of Corrigenda   7100 BTO: Fae second race of Corrigenda   6850 BTO: Human third race of Corrigenda   6550 BTO: East coast tidal raise   6250 BTO: double eclipse   5950 BTO: Bay dries up, the land extends farther out   5650 BTO: double eclipse   5350 BTO: New mountain range appears   5050 BTO: double eclipse   4750 BTO: double eclipse   4450 BTO: Volcano appears off the south coast   4150 BTO: double eclipse   3850 BTO: double eclipse   3550 BTO: double eclipse   3250 BTO: Vast wildfires   2950 BTO: double eclipse   2650 BTO: start of the "unending war"   2350 BTO: double eclipse   2050 BTO: double eclipse   1750 BTO: Massive earthquakes   1450 BTO: double eclipse   1150 BTO: double eclipse   850 BTO: Wild storms which last for three years   550 BTO: double eclipse   250 BTO: Great Cattle Drop, in the town of Tanneris   3 OTO: "unending war" ends   51 OTO: double eclipse   351 OTO: double eclipse   651 OTO: Great Chasm appears tearing across Gaullium   951 OTO: double eclipse   1251 OTO: double eclipse (yet to be seen)
Date of First Recording
6850 BTO


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