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The Tragic Tales of Old Man Reek

Wherever there are students, rumors about faculty will exist. When one of those faculty members is a well-spoken goblin, rumors will abound.   Many of the rumors come and go with the students, but there are a few persistent rumors that have persisted over the years:  

Cursed Reek

Professor Reek was once a dashing gnome scientist named Rex who fell in love with Cassandra, the beautiful daughter of a powerful, but paranoid, merchant. The merchant was furious, insisting Rex was only pretending to love Cassandra to gain access to the family fortune. He forbade Cassandra from ever seeing "the pauper" again.   When Cassandra eloped with Rex a week later, the merchant was furious. Knowing that Cassandra had a compulsive aversion from watching her mother die when thier caravan had been attacked an early age, he hired a powerful Warlock to enact his revenge.   The next morning, Rex woke to the sounds of Cassandra screaming and scurrying away from him towards the edge of their encampment. He tried to console her, but it only made things worse. She picked up a rock and screamed for him to stay back. He did not. She threw the rock. It landed square between his eyes.   When Reek woke, blood caked his nose and he could barely see through swollen eyes. Crawling to a nearby stream, he splashed water on his... No. NO! The face wasn't his. Staring back at him was the face of a goblin. And he's been trying to change it back ever since.  

Reek the "Enlightened"

Fighting over spoils of a caravan raid, got hit with a massive Int/Wis boost. Tried to fight it, to fit in, but could no longer stomach the squalid living conditions, or being bossed around by bugbears. Never fit into either world. Was "rescued" by Lawke after being run out of town for being an "uppity" goblin.  

Reek, 1st of the Alchemists, Last of his Tribe

Goblin Tribe under the thumb of an evil Sorceror. Taught himself alchemy to facilitate their escape. Accidentally reversed a spell that got all but him killed. But hey, he got the Sorceror, too!

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