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Machina Synomosia

Never trust a person who mingles flesh with machine!
The Machnia Synomosia is the name given to a conspiracy theory surrounding the Astrianic Church. It suggests that the church, or a cabal with in its leadership, is secretly allied with the Nyxian Machina. Those who promote this theory point to the advanced technologies used by the Astrians, the penchant for higher ranked members of the church to receive cybernetic implants, and their secretive nature. In all cases, undertones of distrust, greed, and otherness pervade the theory.


This anti-Astrian conspiracy theory suggests that there is a secret cabal of Astrians within the Astrianic Church who are in secret communication with the Nyxian Machina through their neural implants. The reasons for this are usually either that the Nyxians are controlling the Astrians or that the two are in league together. The conspiracy theory suggests that the Astrians are using the Nyxians to amass power, and when the time is right, the two will conquer humanity.


The Machina Synomosia is not widely accepted by the public, but it stokes the fears of the masses. To this end it is often used by demagogic politicians who thrive on fear to gain and retain power. Thus it is a common undertone in the rhetoric of would-be fascists and dictators the galaxy over.

Variations & Mutation

The most common variant is that the Astrianic Church secretly created the Nyxians are controlling them in order to maintain their strangle hold on technology. This allows them to conduct their own machinations, none of which are ever in humanity's best interests, and grow in power until - in its more extreme versions - one day, the Sin Eaters take over the galaxy.

Cultural Reception

This conspiracy theory is the thing of fantasy, VR flicks, and racists for the most part, but it resonates with some groups of Street Samurai. These counterculture idealists find common ground with establishment conservatives in their dislike and mistrust of Astrian control of technology, but for different reasons. The street samurai see the Astrian strangle hold on technology as stifling their own ability to jack into computers, hack out code, live the virtual lives they desire. Conservatives simply see Astrians as a means to stoking fears and maintaining power.

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Machina Synomosia

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