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The deceiving Eye

„A member of the silent watchers; what brings you into this foreign land brother?
Searching for truths? What? Why are you showing me your all-seeing eye all of a sudden?
Wait...blind? OH, can I serve you in your secret mission oh silent shadow?“
A monk of the silent watchers
The deceiving Eye, a secret symbol of the Silent Shadow, members of the shadow conglomerate in search for knowledge hidden behind closed doors. They travel as Silent Watchers through the lands, enjoying the given diplomatic immunity.
But to their fellow monks they can reveal themselves to request assistance by showing them their personal variant of the all-seeing Eye: The blind decieving eye.

Materials and Components

Just like the all-seeing Eye, the deceiving Eye is a small, palm-sized globe resembling an actual eye. The cornea and the lens are set like interchangeable glasses in front of the vitreous allowing the eye to be used in the same fashion as the all-seeing variant.

  1. Arcane vision: Take a look at the part of the world that is invisible towards non-magicians (always active)
  2. Heat vision: Spot every source of heat in this artefact‘s field of vision
  3. X-Ray vision: Take a glimpse under the surface understanding the anatomy of everything
Additionally, the deceiving variant possesses one additional feature: Granting the user the ability to frost on their aura a thin layer of magic to veil the fact, that they are not a sorcerer from others. This paired with a bit artificial crafted magic gets used to reach places
Purists are not welcomed in.


"There are places, where not even Konesans, the everwatching, can look at. Places hidden secure under a thick veil of arcane energy.
Our task is it to reach beyond those barriers and filling out the gaps, where Terminus is still blind and unknowing.
With our aid the all-seeing eye will be finally omnipotent!"
Oath of the Silent Shadows
Deceiving Eye by Soulwing98
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Subtype / Model
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
The allseing Eye is an common artifact given out to every Silent Watcher. The deceiving eye is a rare variant of that item with unique abilities.
0.8 kg
6.5 x 6 x 6 cm
Base Price
An artifact given exclusively to the silent shadows.

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