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Terminus, the Omniscient

Temporal gateway to unlock knowledge

God-Eternal Terminus

"As long as I remain active consider yourself like an open book towards me.'
I see everything, hear everything, smell everything; know everything.
So please, denizen, behave accordingly or I see myself required to share your dirty secrets with the other gods and they aren't even a tenth as forgiving as me.
But in the end its entirely up to your choice, use this chance I am granting to you!"

Terminus, facing a group of surprised petty criminals.
  Terminus is one of the four main gods of the Eternal Counsel representing the strive for knowledge, wisdom and safety. The all-knowing oversees his followers from afar only interposing his peoples' doing to avert catastrophes from taking place or helping especially devoted votaries with small gestures encouraging them to follow a beneficial path.

Terminus followers are called the Silent Watchers, a religion for all those, who deem to learn and understand the secrets of the universe.
His followers are consisting mainly out of astrologists, historians, librarians, researchers and scientists to a lesser degree.
Thriving to learn and do research of their own, watchers search the world for documents, sages and secrets to offer towards Terminus to be immortalized in the knowledge pool, a secret library up in the artificial moon Konesans.
The biggest honour a watcher can redeem is to be chosen by Terminus himself to ascend towards an enlightened watcher getting granted access to Konesans and all the wonders awaiting inside.
It is said that this library is connected to Terminus consciousness archiving everything he has ever laid an eye upon.

Silent Watcher pendant by Soulwing



"Gniwonk tuoba ym dna yllaicepse eht s'lanrete stsap dluop tup yreve gniwonk nosrep ta ksir fo gnitteg yllaturb deredrum yb ym retsis.
Retteb niamer na gniwonknu peehs dna tel em raeb ruo snis litnu eht emit fo noitalever sah devirra."



Terminus‘ fingers contain many wonders of technology, some still to this day far more advanced than anything present on the market.
Noteworthy abilities of them are their ability to act independently of the main frame serving as a wireless extension of Terminus‘ astonishing senses.
Alone they can act as communicator between phalanxes or with Terminus, flashlight, scanner, or even as a disruptor.
In groups, however, they can accomplish miraculous feats like creating soundproof barriers, antigravity orbs, stun-nets, or providing the omnipresent with an omnipotent voice rendering him able to speak to the whole of Etherium at once by simply sending out the phalanxes of each model of his to pre-determined places.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Terminus gets represented by the all-seeing eye, a glass globe where the lens and cornea of the eye are set in front of the vitreous like lenses augmenting the light entering the pupil changing its depiction on the holographic screen on the backside.
This artefact renders its user to be able to see in three different ways:
  1. Arcane vision: Take a look at the part of the world that is invisible towards non-magicians
  2. Heat vision: Spot every source of heat in this artifact‘s field of vision
  3. X-Ray vision: Take a glimpse under the surface understanding the anatomy of everything

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The goal of Terminus is to accumulate all knowledge in existence and preserve it for eternity in the library of Konesans.
Hating nothing more than losing knowledge forever he accepts gratefully offers in the form of secrets and unusual information, who will then be treasured forever.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
15 AM 5013 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Like all four true eternals Terminus turned himself Into a perfect unification of the intellect of a mortal being with the immortality of a machine.
genderless (male)
3.64 m
190 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Terminus is able to speak in every known language including the dead languages of Prius due to his ever observing brain Konesans learning and archiving all that it is able to grasp.
Besides all these languages Terminus has developed one of his own, he just calls "the voice of truth".
This language doesn't follow
any rule or logic at all.
Ruled Locations

The Omnipresent

„Call me crazy, but I swear I just left the cathedral seeing Terminus preaching the silent oath.
Has he cancelled that appointment in less than a minute passed to discuss with master Calces the renovations of the plaza of four?
Only the most attentive and cautious outsiders can figure out the secret behind Terminus omnipresence, which is an open secret within the watcher community; there are more than only one god of knowledge present within Scamall‘s boarders.
While the actual amount is unknown, there are supposed to be way more than 100 of his frames around. Even more attentive watches might be able to make out faint differences in their gods persona; it is still Terminus Talking, but slightly less... pertly.

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