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This article is incomplete, and it shall be expanded upon some time in the future. :)

Pyroplankton is a collection of miniscule organisms found in deeper waters on some planets. The organisms are laced with pyromagis, a special type of magis found rarely in environments, and even rarer in organisms. Pyroplankton form when plankton/zooplankton, pyromagis and extreme depths all collide. The deeper the plankton exist, the stronger effect the pyromagis has on the plankton, which aligns with the distance from the core of the planet.

The size of the planet will affect where pyroplankton is present: on Osao, this plankton can be found anywhere deeper than three hundred metres deep, while on Masacauro, pyroplankton is found only on the ocean beds. The more pyroplankton that is present in the water, the more it heats up said water. The Mesopelagic Zone on Osao is known for being warmer than the Epipelagic Zone above it.

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