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Inner Ocean

The Inner Ocean is one of three oceans on Dave. It is the innermost ocean, with the Gelatinous Ocean located all around it. The Inner Ocean is famous with davites for being unexplorable, for its pressure is just too great for them and their technology to handle. This hasn't stopped planetary foreigners from exploring the Inner Ocean, and discovering some truly terrifying beasts.

Location & Geography

The Inner Ocean is treated as the core of the planet to some davites. The ocean is just an eighth of the radius of Dave, and makes up just a fraction of the planet's mass. The pressure in the Inner Ocean is so great that it instantly kills any native davite that gets close. Because of the way Dave's oceans are formed, the pressure change is almost instant, making it easy to swim into and be crushed by the pressure.

Brim Stone

Brim Stone Monster by Mochi

The Brim Stone is the only core stone found in the Inner Ocean. It is held together mostly by the extreme pressure, as the entire "stone" is actually more a ball of sulphur dust, with various other materials mixed in. The Brim Stone measures 61,490 kilometres in diameter.

The Brim Stone is inhabited by few species, since most animals that live in the Inner Ocean are of great size and prefer to swim in the open waters. Brass whales often swim along the surface of the Brim Stone, engulfing large quantities of the sulphur and excreting it into the atmosphere, poisoning the waters as it sinks back to the surface of the stone.

The creature found within the Brim Stone is rather perplexing. It appears to be a blend of several species also found on Dave - namely brass whales, scutefish and brinnephins. This creature has not been studied fully, rather it has been pieced together by various sightings; this may explain why the sulphur stone monster appears to be a mix of multiple species, as davites haven't currently seen the creature in its entirety. Many suspect the creature to be in a deep slumber, so it would be the perfect time to analyse it.

Fauna & Flora

Deep-sea gigantism is very real, and very prevalent in the Inner Ocean. Animals have grown to great sizes in this ocean, such as the brass whales that reach about 60 metres on average. Animals in the Inner Ocean grow to either great sizes or miniscule sizes.

One of the smallest species poses the biggest threat to other animals: the stalkfly. Contrary to its confusing name, stalkflys are not flies, nor stalk. Instead, these tiny fish swarm their prey in their literal billions, shredding their flesh and consuming the animal alive. It's possibly the most gruesome thing to occur in a District 1 planet, but thankfully the Inner Ocean is inaccessible to most.

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