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Sun Ray

Sun rays are a large species of fish found swimming through the Inner Ocean of Dave. To outsiders of Dave, sun rays are the counter-species from moon rays, however these animals are extremely different and live in vastly different oceans.


While most ray species are horizontally formed, sun rays are vertical. Their large fins stretch from their backs and bellies, reaching up to five metres in length. These animals are a light yellow and orange in colour, with thin orange stripes across their bodies, more striking in females.

Sun rays have no mouths, and instead feed through their tails. These tails are tube-like, known as trunks. The trunks have a three-split end, each individually controllable that allows the rays to catch prey.


Sun rays are omnivorous, consuming any food they come across. Using their trunk, an advanced form of a tail, they can reach out and grab any prey item up to three feet away from them. They are a slow moving species which helps to convince any prey that these animals are not a threat. The majority of sun ray's energy is used to catch prey, which is why these animals swim so slowly, no more than a mile an hour.

Records have shown that sun rays consume a range of small animals, including but not limited to: various species of scutefish, baby and juvenile brinnephins, observer fish, demonfish, mogs, megs, mogmegs, megmogs, valathans, and rogue eels.

The trunk is lined with acidic substances that is able to somewhat break down prey items during the short time the food is travelling down, so the stomach can further break down prey. The trunk is rather flexible and is able to take in prey items larger than it is wide, but the valve between the body and the trunk cannot change in size - if prey is too large, it is shot back out pre-digested.


During mating season, sun rays will use their trunks for an additional purpose. Females will use their trunks to fire out eggs aimlessly into the waters of the Inner Ocean, where males will come along and fertilise by releasing sperm into the water surrounding the eggs. The eggs are too small for a davite to notice, but sun rays have a superbly adapted eyesight to spot these eggs.

Sun Ray by Mochi
70 - 80 years
Average Height
5 metres
Geographic Distribution

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Feb 6, 2023 00:34 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

These are like extreme sunfish, but a little scarier. I love their method of breeding. EGG CANNON.

Feb 6, 2023 09:41 by Mochi

Scary sunfish is what I was going for! And yes, I had a lot of fun with writing their reproduction xD

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