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Davites are the only sapient species from the planet Dave. They are one of the few intelligent cnidarians, evolving with a functioning brain and nervous system, unlike their primitive cousins.

These people inhabit both the Gelatinous Ocean and the Outer Ocean of Dave. For thousands of years, davites believed that they could only survive in the Gelatinous Ocean, due to the pressure differences of the three oceans, but after a shocking turn of events sacrifices were forced into the Outer Ocean to test this theory, but to their surprise they survived just fine.


Davites have a simple anatomy, similar to many other cnidarian species on Dave. Davites possess a large bell, commonly called the head, made of three layers: the outer epidermis, the middle mesoglea, and the inner gastrodermis.

The epidermis is where the complex nervous system predominantly resides. The nerves are incredibly delicate and are often damaged, causing many issues in davites. The mesoglea serves as the supporting structure of the body. While the epidermis and gastrodermis are incredibly delicate, the mesoglea is rather firm and is difficult to penetrate. The gastrodermis is the inner layer, and is twice as thick as the epidermis, and is almost as thick as the mesoglea. The gastrodermis serves as a protective layer, preventing harm to the brain, one of the only organs in the body.

Davite arms are not considered tentacles - in fact, davites lack tentacles. Two of these arms contain a special organ that can sense the smallest of vibrations in the water, detecting any movement. These organs appear as a light coloured swirl, just slightly lighter than one's epidermis colour.


Davites have some of the strongest stomachs in the Yonderverse. They can digest any food, no matter how toxic. Davites are able to create fingers in their hands, which help them prepare more intricate foods. Different cultures and populations around the planet eat vastly different foods, but for a general idea of some meals and foods, see Foods of Dave.


Davites are a continous iteroparous species, meaning they reproduce at any time, regardless of time or season. Davites reproduce using their arms, one individual reproducing the other's eggs as they touch hands. They are a genderless creature, containing both sex cells, so reproduction with oneself is entirely possible and is a last resort if one cannot find a mate.

Davite reproduction is incredibly intimate, and about every culture mates in complete privacy. The eggs produced are released through the top of the head, and are expelled in their millions. Most will be absorbed by other davites, but those that aren't are hatched into babies. Eggs are left to hatch on their own by parents, but babies have the innate ability to identify their parents, even if they look nothing alike.


Davites are an extremely intelligent species. Their bodies house a large brain capable of thoughts beyond most other sapient species. Despite this, they often choose to live simple lives, remaining on their home planet rather than exploring the limitless Yonderverse like many other people.

Davites believe that intelligence should not be abused and used to harm others, even unintentionally, which is why many davites keep to themselves in their own settlements and raise native animals to help repopulate endangered species. Many davites are all for conservation of scarce species and environments, and those that have left the planet often advocate these beliefs to try and convince those of other planets to do the same for their home planets.

Davite by Mochi
30 years
Average Height
5 - 7 metres
Average Skin Colours
Geographic Distribution
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