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Outer Ocean

The Outer Ocean is one of three oceans on the planet Dave. It is the outermost ocean and covers the entire planet's visible surface. Because of the its size, four core stones circle the planet in the Outer Ocean.

Location & Geography

The Outer Ocean is easily the largest ocean on the planet, despite being just three-eights of the radius of the planet. The Outer Ocean is the outermost ocean of the planet, covering the entirety of Dave's surface and is the only ocean to be seen from space.

Cobble Stone

The Cobble Stone is the smallest of the four core stones in the Outer Ocean. The Cobble Stone has a texture that resembles cobblestone, hence the name. Small pebbles are laid in a lattice that coats the entire stony sphere, while small plants grow in between and absorb the nutrients from the creature that lies below.

Cobble Stone Monster by Mochi

It's interesting, nobody can quite figure out the size of the creature inside. The people of the planet are aware that some giant creature is inside, but there is no entrance to the hollow centre. The ground feels slightly warm, but that's nothing to worry about. Occasionally giant legs stick out of the ground, but that's nothing to worry about either. When have giant legs magically appearing ever been a problem?

Is it a little odd that the entire core stone resembles a shell? Yes. Do the giant legs seem out of place? Maybe, yes. But it's a lot of effort to study this core stone when there are more pressing concerns, like the inevitable end of life on the planet and the solar system as the sun is being devoured by some giant eight-legged monster.

Obsidian Stone

The Obsidian Stone is considered one of the more stunning core stones. Its surface is a mixture of obsidian and other natural glasses, all blended together to form a brilliant array of prismatic colours. The Obsidian Stone surfaces most often, surfacing once an orbit. It is used as a time marker for various civilisations on different moons that orbit at the same speed.

The Obsidian Stone is inhabited by a wicked monster. The giant sea worm has an uncontrollably large mouth that is said to expand to an infinite size to swallow whatever it pleases. The Davites pray that this creature never emerges, because when it does its endless hunger can never be satisfied.

On the surface of the Obsidian Stone are thousands of flittering glowfish, a species of fish that glow a bright green. Even swimming a few feet away from them cannot save you from their intoxicating aroma, which will send you into a deep sleep within minutes.

Obsidian Stone Monster by Mochi

Meteor Stone

Meteor Stone Monster by Mochi

The Meteor Stone is the only one of the core stones not native to Dave. It crashed into the planet after hurtling through space, and quickly got caught in an orbit thanks to the speed it was flying at. The Meteor Stone crashed into the planet approximately 60,000 years ago, and about a hundred years later, a large monster emerged from the Inner Ocean, swam through the Gelatinous Ocean, and nestled within the Meteor Stone.

The monster greatly resembles a large sea slug, with feather like appendages. The monster has never once left the Meteor Stone, but it was sighted when it swam from the Inner Ocean all the way to the core stone to nestle inside.

Aura Stone

The Aura Stone gets its name from the giant radiant aura that surrounds it. The stone is radioactive, but rather than harming those who get close, people are magically healed. The Aura Stone is a place that davites frequently migrate to on annual new year's healing trips, to revitalise themselves for the upcoming year.

The Aura Stone is said to be inhabited by a giant ray of sorts, with a long, whip-like tail equipped with razor-sharp blades, capable of slicing the hardest metal.

Aura Stone Monster by Mochi


The fauna and flora of the Outer Ocean are incredibly diverse. Davites that live in this ocean commonly live alongside moon rays, a large domesticated ray species. Moon rays are used for personal transport, as when they carry just one person they can swim at speeds of up to 50mph.

Most animal species live near the four core stones that circle the planet in the Outer Ocean. Due to the Aura Stone's healing properties, many animals seek refuge here, and it has been colonised by davites and several large settlements have been constructed around the various tropical biomes on the stone's surface.

Davites aren't the only intelligent species to inhabit the Outer Ocean. Ekarii are a species of extremely intelligent fish species, however they are not considered sophonts due to them being much less intelligent compared to the average sophont. They live in primitive settlements made of large boulders, piled on to form large caves that they sleep in as a community.

Moon Ray by Mochi
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