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Starry Sea

A sea in the Outer Ocean of Dave. Its electrifying waters wakes davites up in the mornings as they ride through it on their moon rays. The sea gets its name from the electricity that produces a starry effect in the water.

Geography, Location & Climate

The Starry Sea can be found in the Outer Ocean, just a few miles from the Aura Stone. The sea is one of the largest unique ecological biomes in the planet, characterised by faint electricity in the water. Nobody quite knows where this electricity comes from, but it has great health benefits to davites so long as they are not overexposed to the environment.

The Starry Sea orbits the Aura Stone, since the stone is much larger and denser than the sea. As the Aura Stone orbits the "core" from within the planet, the Starry Sea orbits the Aura Stone.

Fauna & Flora


The Starry Sea supports a vast number of fauna species. Animals in this area have adapted to the electrical currents that run through the water, many of which use it to their advantage. Most species contain an electric organ and conducting scales on their bodies, which allow them to take in electricity in the environment and use it to stun prey.

Most species found in the Starry Sea are not exclusive to this sea. The fauna in this sea are mostly immune to the stunning effects most species use, but animals outside of the sea are not. Because of this, predatory species will leave the sea to hunt and sleep in the Starry Sea, treating this location as a "safezone" of sorts.


The sea sees very little plant life, as there is little ground for plants to grow from. Giant boulder-flower spores replace the core stones and rock boulders as roots for other plant life. Most flora species are very small, and are typically a yellowish white colour such as brineweed and black-tipped sillerk.

Davite Health Benefits

Davite's anatomies are extremely unique, and rather than electricity damaging them, it actually has many benefits. An electrical shock to any part of their bodies will actually cause their cells to reinforce and strengthen, and when the current affects the entire body, the davite will become impenetrable.

During early mornings, many davites will take moon rays and ride them through the Starry Sea for roughly 10 minutes. The electricity wakes up the mind and body, getting them ready for a long day.

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Mar 16, 2023 16:16 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

That is a very long day, yes.   Electric water, electric water!! Aaaa! No swimming for me.

Mar 16, 2023 20:09 by Mochi

It's a fun electric water! Wakes you up in the mornings :D

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It seems to tingle when I touch it. How curious! This will worth spending a season to study for sure. That is, if I can find some editable items. Not a lot of plants here and I don't think I can chance taking a sip of the water. Still, the starry scenery is remarkable to witness!
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