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Brass Whale

Brass whales are a species of deep-sea cetacean endemic to the Inner Ocean of the planet Dave. They are the only species to not be vulnerable to stalkflies, a species of tiny predator flocking in their millions.


Brass whales are an enormous size, reaching lengths of up to 60 metres in adult males, and 45 metres in adult females. They have a thick layer of shiny skin, with a similar composition, texture and appearance to brass, hence the name. Brass whales have thirteen small pectoral fins, along with three pelvic fins, five dorsal fins and an incredibly large caudal fin.

They are a sexually dimorphic species, with males being considerably larger than females. Females are also lighter in colouration than males, with large white spots along their backs and thin purple streaks along their fins, while males have pink streaks.

Diet & Stalkfly Relationship

Brass whales are sulphurivores, meaning they consume mostly sulphur and other minerals. Sulphur floats through the murky waters of the Inner Ocean, especially around the brim stone, and they harvest large quantities with their engulfing mouths. They have a diet of about 70% sulphur dust, and the other 30% is comprised of floating debris in the environment and plankton.

When these gargantuan creatures sift through the surface of the brim stone, they unearth an entire ecosystem of writhing creatures. These creatures are consumed by swarms of stalkflies, as they cannot penetrate the skin of the brass whales but know that they will unearth plentiful amounts of food.

Habitat & Predation

Deep in the pitch black Inner Ocean are herds of brass whales in their hundreds. These animals circle the Brim Stone as they eat their diet of sulphur. When they are not circling this core stone, they are swimming in their graceful herds through the ocean, minding their own business as one of the largest animals in the planet and unable to be eaten by most other creature. Despite barely any creature preying on them, there is one species these animals avoid at all costs: wraths.

These animals are also known as the ghosts of the sea, thanks to their whitish colouration. Wraths are the ultimate apex predator of the Inner Ocean, able to take down any creature including brass whales, which is why these docile cetaceans are so afraid of them. Brass whales have developed ways of detecting wraths, such as detecting specific vibrations that indicate one is close by.

Brass Whale by Mochi
300 years
Average Weight
600,000 kg
Average Length
60 metres
Geographic Distribution

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