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Ynaris is a planet in the Cheem System, the twelfth planet orbiting Cheem. While most lifeforms on the planet thrive, the ynarians are the only native species not to be hyper-adaptive and so struggle when the climates shift. Climates on Ynaris are changing by the day, sometimes by the hour, and the people live on mobile homes in large bubbles, with controlled micro-climates.

Geography, Location & Climate

Ynaris is a desert planet, with zero lakes larger than 10,000 square kilometres. Due to the constantly shifting climates, most flora species cannot reliably grow and so the entire planet is almost fully void of any plant life. The Northern Hemisphere sees more plant life in its cold deserts, since it seems to escape the climate-shift.

The largest lake on the planet, Lake Jiini, is 9,829 square kilometres and can be found 40° North. Surrounding it are vast, empty deserts, which are constantly shifting due to wind cycles.


Fauna & Flora




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Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
21 AU from Cheem
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